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1987 Shows at the Channel

January 2, 1987 The Dictators Gang Green
January 3, 1987 Ball & Pivot Shake The Faith, Paisley Jungle, Shades Of Gray
January 5, 1987 Hit & Run, Me & The Boys
January 6, 1987 Infared, No exit, Baldo Rex, Price Of Passion
January 7, 1987 Ronnie Brokton, Bras, After The Fact, Shivers
January 8, 1987 4-4, Rukkus, The Lunch, Miami’s
January 9, 1987 The Drive Night After Night, The Wait, Future Passed
January 10, 1987 Lyers Chainlink Fence, Cavedogs, mc Albert O’
January 11, 1987 The Tears, Prowler, Maximum, Glass (all ages 3 pm show)
January 14, 1987 Listner, Scared Of Horses, Private Stares, Next Tune mc Bill Abbate
January 15, 1987 Bad Brains (18 +) Jerry’s Kids, Slapshot
January 16, 1987 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages Christmas, The Essentials
January 17, 1987 James Brown Barry Marshall & The Clu, 3 Hands
January 18, 1987 Extreme Poison T, Mace, Pieces
January 19, 1987 Reality, Society’s Puppets, The Undun, Modern Pladz
January 20, 1987 Beginning To End, Line Of Fire, Tribe, Dumb Waiters
January 21, 1987 Inside Out, The Pursuit, Urban Drooges, Random Factor
January 22, 1987 Ben E. King The Fat City Band
January 23, 1987 Foghat Bang, Flying Sixty Nine
January 23, 1987 Bang Pieces, XLR8, Flying Sixty Nine
January 24, 1987 Girls Night Out Hearts On Fire, Certain Circle
January 26, 1987 Tax Collectors, Pale Nephews, Childhood, Men From Marcus
January 27, 1987 Vanilla Fudge, War, Rare Earth
January 28, 1987 Oblivion, Nitework, One Nation, Information
January 29, 1987 The Catch, Sunlending, Keepers, Good Question (meet the media night)
January 30, 1987 November Group The Buddy System, Rhythm Method
January 31, 1987 Rick Berlin The Movie Gotham City, The Great Divide
February 2, 1987 On The Run, Liquid Symphony, Doppler Effect, The Fenders
February 3, 1987 Catharsis, Beggers Day, Capital Punishment, Evangelizer
February 4, 1987 Prime Movers, Paisley Jungle, Jetset, Rhino Park, The Dt’s
February 5, 1987 Smooth Bamboo, Parade, The Matter, The Shok
February 6, 1987 (benefit Megan Dreier) The Drive & Extreme Mitch Chicour Mission Band, (members of Rick Berlin The Movie & New Man)
February 7, 1987 The Stompers Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, The Catalinas
February 8, 1987 Split Image, The Pact, Artaurus ( all ages 3 pm show)
February 9, 1987 White Heat, Rakket, Napaj, Graffiti
February 10, 1987 Bastel, Blue Raven, 2 Million BC (18 +)
February 11, 1987 Molly Hatchet Michaels Messina Band, Nightmare, mc Mark Perenteau
February 12, 1987 Me & The Boys, Transit, After The Fact, The Royal Pimps, Mirror Mirror
February 13, 1987 The Neighborhoods & the Nervous Eaters Corsairs
February 14, 1987 New Man Ball & Pivot, Forever 19
February 15, 1987 Meatmen (all ages 2 pm show) The Bags
February 15, 1987 The Drive Big Picture, Good Question, 145
February 16, 1987 Capital Gain, Tibet, The Rain, The Jackets
February 17, 1987 Hostage, Passion, Meat The Rabbit (18 +)
February 18, 1987 Satch (from the Catalimas) The Wait, Ronnie Brockton, Cavedogs Pleasure Pointe
February 19, 1987 Gil Scott-Heron Full Circle
February 20, 1987 Mass (all ages) Pieces, XLR8
February 21, 1987 Mass, Bang (all ages 2 pm show) Midnite
February 21, 1987 The Fools (8 pm show) Look One Look, Ammo
February 23, 1987 The Effect, Public Alley 908, Ravages Of Time, One Minute To Pray
February 24, 1987 Cerise, The Phase, Hassengier, Ezmeralda
February 25, 1987 Inside Outburst, Tex Yokahama, No Exit, The Next, Next Tune
February 26, 1987 Major Shock, Runaway Dane, Scared Of Horses, Private Stares
February 27, 1987 Max Creek (2 shows 10 & midnight)
February 28, 1987 Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes Bebe Buell & The Gargoyles, T.H.& The Wreckage
March 1, 1987 Dr, Harp & The Surgeons, Drivin Sideways
March 2, 1987 Lix, Society’s Puppets, Mystic Haven, Anthem, Dumbwaiters
March 3, 1987 Instametal, Sweet Revenge, 2 Million B.C. Flying Sixty Nine
March 4, 1987 Albert Griffiths & The Gladiators & Leonard Dillon The Ethiopian The I-Tones, dj Black Star Liner
March 5, 1987 Struggle, Liquid Nik, Chin Fraction, Ulterior Motive
March 6, 1987 Girls Night Out Laprad, Tribe
March 7, 1987 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages Skin, Release
March 8, 1987 Pieces, Midnite, Lazarus, Capital Punishment (all ages 3 pm show)
March 9, 1987 The Creeps, Boy Girl, Cool McCool, Dily Flynn, New Frontiers
March 10, 1987 Sleek Elite, Zeero, Tow Zone, Disco Fresh Peas, M.C.Capers
March 11, 1987 WBCN Lunchtime Show Gang Green (11.30 am show)
March 11, 1987 Ata-Tat, E Knock, After The In, Hot Pursuit, Men From Marcus (8 pm show) mc Bill Abbate
March 12, 1987 Dwight Yoakam Scruffy The Cat, John Lincon Wright & The Sour Mash Boys
March 13, 1987 The Tears Catharsis, LR8, Mantis
March 14, 1987 Gregg Allman Peter Himmelman & The Wilkins Guest Band
March 16, 1987 7 Ugly Men, Brain Trust, Auction One, Gypsy wind, Quixottix
March 17, 1987 Blue Rhino, Tax Collectors, Idiot Savant, The Jackets, Mugsy & The Penetrators
March 18, 1987 Hoodo Gurus E.I.E.I.O
March 19, 1987 Ibrahima’s World Beat & Sengalese Dance Troup One People
March 20, 1987 Rick Berlin The Movie Gotham City, Mike Viola, Nitework
March 21, 1987 November Group Buddy System, Run away Dan
March 23, 1987 Point-Counterpoint, The Limit, The Pursuit, The Promise
March 24, 1987 Myriad Creatures, Hit & Run, Undecided, Feat Of Clay, 411
March 25, 1987 S.O.S. Band The Superiors, Zeero
March 26, 1987 Urban Droogs, The Shivers, Certain Circle, The Royal Pimps mc Bill Abbate
March 27, 1987 Crystal Ship (Doors cover) The Keepers
March 28, 1987 Los Lobos rescheduled date The Paladins
March 29, 1987 Los Lobos (all ages 6 pm show) rescheduled date Condo Pygmies
March 30, 1987 The Undun, On The Run, Cool beverages, This Is This, Malarians
March 31, 1987 Til Tuesday Treat Her Right
April 1, 1987 Cool McCool, Architectural Metaphor, Column 13, White Heat, Kneeling On Rice
April 2, 1987 Fishbone Bim Skala Bim, Plate O’ Shrimp
April 3, 1987 Face To Face Skin
April 4, 1987 The Fools (live recording) The Drive
April 5, 1987 Bang (all ages 3 pm show)
April 6, 1987 Los Lobos (March 28 tickets honored) (all ages early prformance 10.15 pm) Terrence Simien & The Mallet Playboys
April 7, 1987 Los Lobos (March 28 & 29 tickets honored)
April 8, 1987 Motorhead (18 +) Malice, Knightmare, Savage Grace
April 9, 1987 Shout (18 +) Split Image, Maximum, Glass
April 10, 1987 The Stompers Beat Surrender Shades Of Gray
April 11, 1987 New Man (18 +) 3 pm show) Ammo
April 11, 1987 New Man (21 + 8.30 pm show) Hearts On Fire, Ammo
April 12, 1987 Prowler, Glass, Iron rage, Ace 6 (all ages 3 pm show)
April 13, 1987 Crash Place, Don’t Even Ask, Underground Voice, Countess
April 14, 1987 Big Youth, Mighty Diamonds, General Trees, Riddim Kings
April 15, 1987 Present Tense, Hertix, After The Fact, One Nation, 4-4 mc Bill Abbate
April 16, 1987 Bim Skala Bim, Plate O’ Shrimp, Shy Five, Happy Campers (guests from The Bosstones, Mission Impossible, Oddley Enough, Classaction
April 17, 1987 Big Audio Dynamite Manish Boys
April 18, 1987 Big Audio Dynamite Vernon Reed, dj Black Star Liner
April 19, 1987 Big Audio Dynamite (all ages 6 pm show)
April 20, 1987 Psychotic Art Dance Collective, Scott Key, Johnny Walker Band, Parvenu Insomnia
April 21, 1987 Entorage, Bastel, Swan Song, Kid Crash, Krazler (18 +)
April 22, 1987 Klymaxx Ball & Pivot
April 23, 1987 Ornette Coleman Charlie haden, Don Cherry, & Bill Higgins w Prime Time
April 24, 1987 John Lee Hooker band w Rick Danko, Paul Buttefield T. Blade & The Esquires
April 25, 1987 The Blushing Brides Al Halliday & The Hurricanes
April 26, 1987 The Souls (Mass student coalition for Gary Hart) Gary Shane & The Abashed
April 27, 1987 Joe Citizen, Agent, Dance Planet Is Europe, The Fenders
April 28, 1987 This Situation, Ravage Of Time Badge, Cool Moon, Airial View
April 29, 1987 Graham Chapman The Swinging Erudites, th eCosmic Muffin Darryl Martini
April 30, 1987 K.K.Profitt, Idiot Savant, Hot Pursuit, Nuzone, Mugsy & The Pretenders
May 1, 1987 The Neighborhoods Shake The Faith, Catalinas
May 2, 1987 Wenesday Week The Wicker Men, Body Politics, The Big Picture, mc Bill Abbate
May 3, 1987 (benefit for Chile’s Folkloric Exiles) Quilapayun & Fortaleza dj Black Star Liner
May 4, 1987 Quixxotix, Gypsy Wind, Out Of Control, Cruise Control, Bay Of Pigs
May 5, 1987 Berrenger, Precious, Esmeralda, Hostage, Blue Raven (18 +)
May 6, 1987 Waterworld, The Rain, Parade, Another Day, Inside Outburst
May 7, 1987 Jon Butcher
May 8, 1987 Girls Night Out The Drive, 3-Hands, Release
May 9, 1987 Suicidal Tendencies (all ages 2 pm show) Slapshot
May 9, 1987 Rick Berlin The Movie (21 + 8 pm show) (Rockwire presents) Tribe, No Exit, mc Kathryn Lauren
May 10, 1987 Gear, 3D, Thrust, Secret Function, Street Kid, Exact (Boston’s Rock Anthilogy #8 release)
May 11, 1987 Quixxotix, Ville 23, Lazyboy Rockers, Big Barn Burning, Steve Stolin Band
May 12, 1987 Men Of Clay, Miami’s, Suicidal Idols, Napaj, Lowbodemodo
May 13, 1987 Midnight Star Downtime, K.D. Crew
May 14, 1987 Judy Mowatt & Sister Carol dj Black Star Liner
May 15, 1987 The Stompers Extreme, Push Push, Chin Friction
May 16, 1987 Hunters & Collectors (Westwood One recording) Skin, Faith Healers
May 17, 1987 The Tears, Mace, Pieces, Catharsis, Ace 6, Exact (all ages 2 pm show)
May 18, 1987 (CBR Management prestes) Barboom, Kola Red, Infared Is Europe, Myth (all ages 7.30 pm show)
May 19, 1987 Action, 2 Million B.C., The Phaze, Emerald City, Cerise
May 20, 1987 The Undun, Capital Gain, Sunlending, Freewill, Men From Marcus
May 21, 1987 The Tubes VHF, Forever 19
May 22, 1987 November Group Laprad, Great Divide, Run Away Dan
May 23, 1987 Rods & Cones The Souls, The Bristols, Good Question
May 24, 1987 (benefit for Garlang & Treat Her Right) New Man, Skin, Bim Skala Bim Treat Her Right, The Rain, Garlang & The Rig
May 25, 1987 Rich Wood & The Siguation, The Persuit, The Reaction, The Overlooked The Explosion
May 26, 1987 Public Alley 908, Graffiti, The Threads, Spark The Eggman, The Present
May 27, 1987 Cavedogs, Buzz & The Gang, The Bags, A Scanner Darley, The Shieks Jet Set, mc Bill Abbate
May 28, 1987 The Itals, The Roots Radics & The I-Tones dj Black Star Liner
May 29, 1987 Fuzzbox Ted Chippington, Jeff Hudson’s Sushi Bar, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
May 30, 1987 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers & The Mick Taylor Band
May 31, 1987 Bagatelle (from Ireland)
June 1, 1987 Flat Rabbit, Ravages Of Time, Hip To Twist, Reel To Reel, White Heat
June 2, 1987 Single Men, Kneeling On Rice, Tango Reflex, Myth, Modern Pladz dj Mike Idlis
June 3, 1987 The Shivers, Crash Place, Ronnie Brockton, Private Stares, Transit dj Bill Abbate
June 4, 1987 Dr, Harp & The Surgeons, The Boogymen, Last Call For Blues
June 5, 1987 Bo Diddley w Driving Sideways & T. H. & The Wreckage mc Charles Laquidaria, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
June 6, 1987 The Fools The Swinging Erudites, The Shok, Steve Sweeney, mc Mark Perenteau, dj Mike Idlis
June 7, 1987 Tabu Ley Rochereau w Mibila Bel dj Black Star Liner
June 8, 1987 In Th eFlesh, Price Of Passion, Koala Red, Lower Wacker Drive
June 9, 1987 Struggle, Mirror Image, Dumb Waiters, Street Kid, The Rain Reign
June 10, 1987 The Taint, Feat Of Clay, Liquid Symphony, Hue & Cry, This Is It dj Bill Abbate
June 11, 1987 Kix (18 +) Shout, NRG
June 12, 1987 The Lyres, The Nervous Eaters The Bags, Ammo, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
June 13, 1987 King Sunny ade & His African Beats Bim Skala Bim, dj Black Star Liner
June 14, 1987 Extreme (2 pm show) Run 21, Mace, Sweet Cheater, XLR8, Kind Crash, Poison T, dj Mike Idlis
June 15, 1987 Sto-Pesm, Knots-Crosses, New Frontiers, Ravages Of Time, Shge-Logic dj Debbie Southwood Smith
June 16, 1987 Rock City, Krazler, First Reich, Verniecaliter, Capital Punishment (18 +) dj Debbie Southwood Smith
June 17, 1987 Joe King Carrasco The Incredible Casuals, Third Person, Rhino Park, dj Mark Alghini
June 18, 1987 Montego, Zeero, Gangstar
June 19, 1987 The Chick Corea Electrik Band Special Efx, dj Mike Idlis
June 20, 1987 The Stompers Mike Viola, The Matter, Chin Friction, dj Mike Idlis
June 22, 1987 India, RXN, Cool Moon, Crusie Control dj Debbie Southwood Smith
June 23, 1987 Pop Roulette, Failsafe, Myriad Creatures, Provest, Philtres, dj Mark Alghni
June 24, 1987 Parade, Inside Outburst, Tribe, Lemon Heads, Secret Word dj Debbie Southwood Smith
June 25, 1987 The Undun, Cool McCool, Out Of Control, Steve Weinstein Band, Joe Citizen, Reel To Real
June 26, 1987 The Lords Of The New Church Beat Surrender, The Royal Pimps
June 27, 1987 Mass w Bang (all ages 2 pm show) The Phaze
June 27, 1987 Mass w Bang (21 + 8 pm show) Poison T, Midnite, dj Mike Idlis
June 29, 1987 3-D, Fortunate Son, Bizarrie Era, By Design, Matrix dj Debbie Southwood Smith
June 30, 1987 Blue Ravan, Persuader, Cannon, Glass Majesty dj Mark Alghni
July 1, 1987 Triage, Texyokohama, The Core, Blue Rhino, Random Factor dj Debbie Southwood Smith
July 2, 1987 Gang Green & Murphy’s Law Jerry’s Kids, Uncle Meat, dj Mike Idlis
July 3, 1987 Rick Berlin The Movie Mata Hari, 3 Hands, Big Picture, dj Mark Alghni
July 4, 1987 The Drive (Channel barbeque) Look One Look, Smooth Bamboo, Friday’s Child, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
July 6, 1987 Tempest, Felix, Secret Function, The Agency, Canyon dj Debbie Southwood Smith
July 7, 1987 Misguided Youth, Bastel, Max Q, Dither, Hit & Run dj Mark Alghni
July 8, 1987 Face To Face w Pablo Moses & Jah Kingdom (7th birthday) (from England Hurrah, Martin Stephenson & The Daintees, dj Mike Idlis
July 9, 1987 Lovindeer Errol Strength & The Conscience Band, Hugh Hendricks & The Buccaneers
July 10, 1987 Scruffy The Cat w Condo Pygmies, Titanics dj Debbie Southwood Smith
July 11, 1987 New Man w Wednesday Week Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, Nitework, dj Mike Idlis
July 13, 1987 Modern Art, The Kidz, No Such Animal, Inside Straight, Waves
July 14, 1987 X-Cape, Saphire, Danger Hostage, Emerald City (18 +)
July 15, 1987 Anvil (18 +) Kid Crash, Sweet Cheater, Pieces
July 16, 1987 The Boyz, Tall Paul, Waterworld, Liquid Nik, Bay Of Pigs, After The Fact mc Bill Abbate
July 17, 1987 Til Tuesday Treat Her Right, dj Mike Idlis
July 18, 1987 Crystal Ship (Doors cover) Michaels Messina Band, Strutter, dj Jim Mitchell, mc Bill Smith
July 19, 1987 Angry Samoans (all ages 3 pm show) The Bags, Lemonheads, dj Mark Alghni
July 20, 1987 The Psychedelic, No Problem, Soothing Sounds For Baby, The Astro Warriors, dj You Never Know
July 21, 1987 Myth, Agent, Split Risk, Ariel View, New Rising Sun dj Mark Alghni
July 22, 1987 New Model Army (from England) Shake The Faith, Electrichka, Manufacture
July 23, 1987 On the Run, Oblivian, In The Flesh, Countess, Philtress, Shade dj Mike Idlis
July 24, 1987 The Neighborhoods The Rain, The Catalinas, The Shivers, mc Carter Alan, dj Mark Alghni
July 25, 1987 Expose Picture Perfect, Pleasure Pointe
July 26, 1987 Butthole Surfers (all ages 3 pm show) Iron Sausage (feturing Aldo & members of Gang Green) dj Debbie Southwood Smith
July 27, 1987 The Well Endowed Gentlemen, Pink Torpedos, Flat Rabbit, Lost Wages Cool Moon
July 28, 1987 Nina Hagen Jeff Hudson’s Sushi Bar featuring Oedipus, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
July 29, 1987 Storm, The Overlooked, The Effect, Tax Collectors. Johnny Walker Band Graffiti, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
July 30, 1987 Mark Farner Band (ex Grand Funk Railroad) The Keep, dj Jim Mitchell
July 31, 1987 Mass Shout, Poison T, XLR8, X-Cape, dj John Marino
August 1, 1987 Shake The Faith, The Zulus, Outlets, The Cavedogs, The Bags, Nova Mob dj Debbie Southwood Smith
August 3, 1987 Cool Beverages, Day By Day, Moving Pieces, Private Party
August 4, 1987 White Heat, Transit, Jeff Curtis, The Wild, Gypsy Wind
August 5, 1987 (benefit for Joel Aid) Final performance of Big Black Pussy Galore, Urge Overkill, mc Byron Cooley, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
August 6, 1987 David Ruffin & Eddie Kendrick w Martha Reeves & The Vandellas and Mary Wells
August 7, 1987 Jon Butcher Unattached, Feat Of Clay, dj Mark Alghni
August 8, 1987 The Fools The Souls, Forever 19, Certain Circle, dj Mark Alghni
August 10, 1987 Deureaux, Diamond Press, The Flat Rabbit, Simplemen dj Debbie Southwood Smith
August 11, 1987 The Explosion, One Minute To Pray, Lizards In A Circle, Brides, Stripped Bare, Afterlife, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
August 12, 1987 Dear John, Sto-Pesmi, Tango Reflex, Listner, Balboa Dance, Kairos dj Mike Idlis
August 13, 1987 Autograph (18 +) Bang, Kid Crash, XLR8
August 14, 1987 Rick Berlin The Movie Raindogs, Release, Four-4
August 15, 1987 Man Of War (all ages 2 pm show) Executioner, dj John Marino
August 15, 1987 Man Of War (21 + 8.30 pm show) Mace, Poison T, dj John Marino
August 16, 1987 Overkill, Testament (all ages 3 pm show) Meliah Rage, dj John Marino
August 17, 1987 The Treats, Say When, Blue Movie, The Treads, Black Friday
August 18, 1987 Mystic Haven, Hip To Twist, Kneeling On Ice, Modern Pladz dj Debbie Southwood Smith, Sooting Sounds For Baby
August 19, 1987 Death Angel (18 +) Sacrifice, Bloodfeast
August 20, 1987 Little Steven The Rain
August 21, 1987 Skin, Ball & Pivot, Digney Fignus, Tribe, E-Knock dj Mike Idlis
August 22, 1987 Nervous Eaters, The Bags, Wickermen, Matweeds, The DT’s dj Mike Idlis
August 24, 1987 We Don’t Know Yet, street Kid, Modern Art, Paris, PI dj Debbie Southwood Smith
August 25, 1987 Cheater, Entourage, 2 Million B.C. Sapphire, Blizzard (18 +)
August 26, 1987 Nu Zone, After The Fact, Inside Straight, Shade
August 27, 1987 (Tribute night) 5 local bands doing best of Led Zep, Stones, Who, Kiss
August 28, 1987 The Lyres, Unattached, Royal Pimps, Nova Mob, Rhino Park, Buzz & Gang dj Mark Alghni
August 29, 1987 The Drive, Rods & Cones, Major Shock, Good Question, Reel To Reel dj Jim Mitchell
August 30, 1987 (B.A.D. presents w Boogie Downtown Productions) R.S.O. Crew, One Nation Orange Men, M.C.Spice & CRD, Edzo Rock One (all ages 6 pm show)
August 31, 1987 Explorer, Scandia, Reckless Alph, Gigolo Ants, Snideley Whiplash
September 1, 1987 The Same, Mind Over Matter, Real World, Secret Function, Ferix
September 2, 1987 Julian Cope The Bristols, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
September 3, 1987 King Diamond Trouble, The Phaze, Run 21, dj John Marino
September 4, 1987 The Neighborhoods (benefit for WERS) The Outlets, The Lemonheads, Classic Ruins, Big Huge,dj Debbie Southwood Smith
September 5, 1987 Farrenheit, Mata Hari, The Shivers dj Mike Idlis
September 6, 1987 Face To Face, Rick Berlin The Movie (benefit for Elaine Vasquez ex Metta T) dj Mike Idlis, The Rain, The Wickermen
September 7, 1987 3-D, Lip Service, Things That Aren’t Food, Dirt Road, Plane Steal (18 +) dj Mark Alghni
September 8, 1987 Disturbing The Peace, Vernialcaliper, Cannon, Decrich, Majesty 12 (18 +)
September 9, 1987 Certain Circle, Mike Verge & Acid Rain, After The Fact, Green Ham Comm Nancy Marteniz (Seagam’s talent search)
September 10, 1987 (benefit March of Dimes) Shake The Faith, Bang, Ball & Pivot, Shout Unattached, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
September 11, 1987 (Seagam’s talent search)
September 12, 1987 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages Treat Her Right, Willie Loco Alexander acoustic, dj Mike Idlis
September 14, 1987 Lost Pilots, British Norberts, Crisis Management, Anthem, Crime & Punishment, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
September 15, 1987 A.J. & The American League, MPH, Bastille, Diamond Press, Puppet Masters
September 16, 1987 Sight Unseen, Provost, Information, Paris, Joe Citizen dj Mark Alghni
September 17, 1987 A. J. Wachtel Roast w Wrecking Crew, Blind Lemon Pledge, Pleasure Pointe
September 18, 1987 Scruffy The Cat w Raindogs, Cavedogs, Corsairs dj Debbie Southwood Smith
September 19, 1987 The Swinging Erudites Das Furlines, Body Politics, Faith Healers, dj Mark Alghni
September 20, 1987 Go Betweens & Alex Chilton (18 +) Big Dipper, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
September 21, 1987 Elixir, Nobody Home, Three Believers, Foraye, Clairevoyance dj Mark Alghni
September 22, 1987 One Soul, One Mind, The Laws, Face Dance, I Don’t Know
September 23, 1987 Grim Reaper, Armored Saint, Helloween (18 +) dj John Marino
September 24, 1987 The Fixx Childhood, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
September 25, 1987 The Stompers Al Hurricanes, Sally & The Sophisticatz, Me & The Boys, Chin Friction, dj Mike Idlis
September 26, 1987 King Sunny ade & His African Beats Ibrahima’s World Beat, dj Black Star Liner
September 28, 1987 Say When, Walking Erect, The Pursuit, Infra-Red, White Fire
September 29, 1987 Third World w Right Time dj Black Star Liner
September 30, 1987 Day By Day, After The In, Agent, Transit, Split Risk, By Design dj Mike Idlis
October 1, 1987 James Cotton & His Big Band w Johnny Copeland, John Watkins
October 2, 1987 Rick Berlin The Movie, Skin Gotham City, Release, Paris
October 3, 1987 New Man, The Drive Great Divide, Electric Toys, Liquid Symphony, mc Mark Perenteau, dj Mike Idlis
October 4, 1987 Suicidal Tendencies (all ages 3 pm show) Punk Saliva, The Crew, dj Mark Alghni
October 5, 1987 World Premiere, Lazy Boy Rockers, Myth, Sooting Sounds For Baby Shakedown, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
October 6, 1987 Georgia Satellites The Brandos, dj Albert O
October 7, 1987 Toots & The Maytals One People, dj Black Star Liner
October 8, 1987 Liquid Nik, Afterlife, Lizards In A Circle, Ronnie Brockton, Parade Knots & Crosses
October 9, 1987 Shake The Faith, w Thelonious Monster Forever 19, Feat Of Clay, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
October 10, 1987 The Neats, Tribe, The Matweeds, Runaway Dan, Big Huge, The Luddites
October 11, 1987 Bang Shout, Kid Crash, The Phaze, Sweet Cheater, Krazler
October 12, 1987 Longshot, One Flight Down, Lost Wages, Blue Movie dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
October 13, 1987 Tricks, 2 Million B.C., Harlequin, Waulhalla, Danger (18 +) dj Lawrence fron London
October 14, 1987 David Mars’ birthday #30 w Digney Fignus, Ammo, Paris, Cavedogs, Shade
October 15, 1987 Daniel Lentz and Group, The Griffin Music Ensemble
October 16, 1987 Nona Hendryx Ball & Pivot, Certain Circle, mc Dale Dorman, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
October 17, 1987 Blushing Brides (2 shows) Storm, dj Jim Mitchell
October 18, 1987 Sonic Youth (all ages 3 pm show) Das Damen, Nova Mob, A Scanner Darkly, dj Mark Alghni
October 19, 1987 Carrie Doyle, T.Winston, Lower Wacker Drive, The Promise, Hip to Twist dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
October 20, 1987 Chalice w Mutabaruka dj Black Star Liner
October 21, 1987 Alexander O’Neil w Force M.D.’s and Lillo Thomas mc J.J. Wright
October 22, 1987 Mike Verge & Acid Reign, Cool McCool, The Same, 3-Hands, Ferix Jake & Jean, Big Clock
October 23, 1987 Leon Russell w Edgar Winter w Pousette Dart Band dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
October 24, 1987 Gang Green (record release) The Bags, Buzz & The Gang, Uncle Meat, The Deniros, dj Mark Alghni
October 25, 1987 (benefit for Special Olympics) James Montgomery, Swinging Erudites Mata Hari, Michaels Messina, dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
October 26, 1987 The wish, Phyllis, Food Gas Phone Lodging, The Jones, Judge Mental dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
October 27, 1987 Hocus Pocus, Dezrich, Evangelizer, Warhead (18 +) dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
October 28, 1987 Overkill (18 +) Meanstreak, Meliah Rage, dj John Marino (best dressed metal gift cert to Stairway To Heaven)
October 29, 1987 Bonnie Raitt w Johnny Lee Schell Right Time, Kathleen Chapin, Legggs Dance Co, Marsha Hewitt
October 30, 1987 Badfinger w Bobby “Boris” Pickett The Whitewalls, Spuds MacKenzie, dj Ted C (costume contest)
October 31, 1987 The Fools w The Swinging Erudites (Halloween Costume party) Ammo, Joplin Hart, dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
November 1, 1987 Jimmy Cliff w Cindy Lee Berryhill dj Black Star Liner
November 3, 1987 White Heat, Explorer, Cool Moon, Noize, Things That Aren’t Food dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
November 4, 1987 Against All Odds, Nuzone, K.K. Profitt, Street Kid, The Reaction Moving Pieces
November 5, 1987 Kid Crash, XLR8, Poison T, X-Cape, Capitol Punishment (tape release 18 +) mc John Marino
November 6, 1987 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages The I-Tones, Tribe, Pajama Slave Dancers, mc Bradley J, dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
November 7, 1987 Rick Berlin The Movie w Ball & Pivot The Rhythm Method, E. Knock, Inside Straight, Liquid Symphony, dj Ted C
November 8, 1987 Circle Jerks (all ages 3 pm show) The Necros, Strawdogs, dj Mark Alghni
November 9, 1987 The Bottom Line, Common Ground, Aria nova, 3-D, Screaming Headless Torsos, dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
November 11, 1987 Jesus & Mary Chain Opal, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
November 12, 1987 Bo Diddley w Ron Wood w The Jim Satten Band dj Mike Idlis
November 13, 1987 Bachman Turner Overdrive Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, T.H. & The Wreckage, mc Bill Smith, dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
November 14, 1987 The Neighborhoods Treat Her Right, Rash Of Stabbings, Lynn Laprad, dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
November 16, 1987 Idle Rumors, Blitz, Leftovers, Crime & Punishment, Secret Function dj Myro The Pyro
November 17, 1987 Real World, Crosstown Rivals, We Don’t Know Yet, 1 Minute To Pay The Undun, dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
November 18, 1987 The Ventures Band That Time Forgot, Boogie Men, Drive All Night, Failsafe, dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
November 19, 1987 John Entwistle Rat Race Choir, Gotham City, mc Carter Alan, dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
November 20, 1987 The Stompers (10th anniversary) Mike Viola & The Snap, Four 4, Certain Circle, mc Mark Perenteau & Darrell Martinie, dj Mod Todd
November 21, 1987 Farrenheit, Bang, Paris dj Debbie Southwood Smith
November 22, 1987 Jerry’s Kids, Strawdogs, The Crew, Psyco, Something Strange, Apology (all ages 2 pm show) dj Mark Alghni
November 23, 1987 The Big Argument, 3 Believers, Green Fuse, Doppler Effect dj Debbie Southwood Smith
November 24, 1987 I-Rokk, Glass, skin Tight, Vernia Caliper, Disturbing Piece (18 +)
November 25, 1987 Crystal Ship (Doors cover) Storm, Aginst All Odds, Friday’s Child, mc Bill Smith
November 27, 1987 John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band The Rain, Joe Gramolini, Me & The Boys, mc Bill Smith
November 28, 1987 New Man Beat Surrender, The Shivers, Reel To Reel, Future Past, dj Ted C.
November 29, 1987 Lizzy Borden (all ages 3 pm) Shok, Paris, X-Cape, dj John Marino
November 30, 1987 Blind Rhino, D.F.O., Luca, Ephesus, Argumental I.D. dj Myro The Pyro
December 1, 1987 Face Dance, Boss Tweed, M.P.H., Max Q, The Explosion dj Mark Alghni
December 2, 1987 Shade, Balboa Dance, Point Counterpoint, Phyllis, Lizards in Cicle, Scadia dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
December 3, 1987 Levert
December 4, 1987 Mass Kid Crash, Pieces, XLR8
December 5, 1987 (Ent Network showcase all ages 1 pm) The Swinging Erudites Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, Bim Skala Bim, Ball & Pivot, Taylor Made
December 5, 1987 (Ent Network showcase 21 + 8.30 pm) The Fools, The Drive November Group, Yhe Toasters (video by the ultimate video show)
December 7, 1987 Thunderhouse, September Reign, Target, Full Throttle, Airporte dj Mark Alghni
December 8, 1987 Pablo Moses w The New Generation Band dj Black Star Liner
December 9, 1987 Split Risk, Overstreet, T. Winston, Dusty Top Hat, Mind Over Matter Safety In Numbers, dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
December 10, 1987 Molly Hatchet St. John, Union Flag, dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
December 11, 1987 Butthole Surfers Volcano Suns, The Bags, dj Mark Alghni
December 12, 1987 Nervous Eaters The Bristols, Strawdogs, The Slaves, Dogzilla, Pat On The Back, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
December 14, 1987 Ruby Topaz, Static, Steph Paynes, Telepath, Body & Soul dj Debbie Southwood Smith
December 15, 1987 Big Barn Burning, World Premier, Rapid Star, Sooting Sounds For Baby dj Myro The Pyro
December 16, 1987 Physical Graffiti (Led Zep cover) The Royal Pimps, The Phase, mc Debbie Scott
December 17, 1987 Shrley Alston of the Shirelles w Taylor Made dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
December 18, 1987 November Group Chain Link fence, Good Question, Third Person, dj Ted C.
December 19, 1987 10,000 Maniacs Chris Stamey, East Of Eden, dj Debbie Southwood Smith
December 20, 1987 Barry Marshall The Rockin’ Robins Xmas Gala w Willie Loco, Rick Berlin 18+
December 21, 1987 Bridge, Shaytay, One Life, Idle Hands, Drama dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
December 22, 1987 Druid, Intruder, Blizzard, Live Wire, Sacred Silence (18 +)
December 23, 1987 Doppler Effect, Explorer, The Same, Day By Day, Notice dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
December 25, 1987 Shout, The Tears, Prowler, Sweet Cheater dj John Marino
December 26, 1987 The Lyres w Rash Of Stabbings, The Matweeds, Threats dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
December 27, 1987 Four 4, Ammo, Paris, Snidley Whiplash (all ages) dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
December 28, 1987 Thunderhouse, Illusions Of Grandeur, Picture This, A Boy’s Will,The Hardtops dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
December 29, 1987 Judge Mental, Full Throttle, Say When, The Blue Valentines dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
December 30, 1987 Blitz, street Kid, The Undecided, Men From Marcus dj Mod Todd from Nowhere
December 31, 1987 The Stompers, New Man, The Neats, Tribe