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1988 Shows at the Channel

January 1, 1988 Blue Oyster Cult St. John, Knightmare, DJ Mod Todd
January 2, 1988 The Lines Mike Verge, Acid Reign, Dusty Tophat, The Limit, Future Passed, DJ Jim Mitchell
January 4, 1988 Evangelist, Target, Puppet Masters, The Choice, Vow Of Silence DJ Mod Todd
January 5, 1988 Strait Jakit, Tirus, Hokus Pocus (18 +) DJJohn Marino
January 7, 1988 Crime And Punishment, White Fire, The Overlooked, Fail Safe, Triage DJ Myro The Pyro
January 8, 1988 Rods and Cones Semper Fi, Happy Campers, Inside Straight, Saftey In Numbers, DJ Club Ted
January 9, 1988 Ball and Pivot Childhood, Rhino Park, 3 Hands, Mind Over Matter, DJ Ted C
January 11, 1988 The Peasants, The Tease, Hogs On Ice, Ex-15, Bax dj Myro The Pyro
January 12, 1988 Greg Greenway, M.P.H., Free Fire, Sojourn dj Mod Todd
January 13, 1988 Transit, Luca, We Don’t Know Yet, Blue Rhino, Social Animals dj Mod Todd
January 14, 1988 The Zapp Band w Roger Starbound, Pureheart
January 15, 1988 The Drive Mata Hari, T.H. And The Wreckage, Joplin Hart, Cool McCool, DJ Mod Todd
January 16, 1988 Skin, Tribe (record release) Classic Ruins, Circle Sky, Electric Toys, Miranda Warning, DJ Club Ted
January 17, 1988 Ibrahima’s World Beat w New Generation Band, Plate O Shrimp dj Black Star Liner
January 18, 1988 The Threads, September Reign, Day Of Rain, This Side Up, Outta Control dj Mod Todd
January 19, 1988 Hot Shot, Satan’s Warriors, Warhead, Ruby Topaz dj John Marino
January 20, 1988 The Hardtops, G.G.Turner, Doppler Effect, Say When, Delusions Of Grandeur Notice, DJ Mod Todd
January 21, 1988 Paul Di’Anno’s Battlezone Obession, Iron Rage, Vernicaliper
January 22, 1988 Dumptruck Cavedogs, Blood Oranges, Pat On The Back, DJ Debbie Southwood Smith
January 23, 1988 Joe Satriani Nervous Eaters, Nova Mob, The Threats, DJ Mod Todd
January 25, 1988 Another Bad Harvest, Xntrix, Valliere, Cheating Ace, Boucou Dolores dj Debbie Southwood Smith
January 26, 1988 One Mind, One Soul, 3D, Myth, Lobo De Modo dj Mod Todd
January 27, 1988 Autograf Meri D, M.V.P.
January 28, 1988 The Exploted (18 +) Psycho, The Eels, DJ Mod Todd
January 29, 1988 Sruffy The Cat (record release) The Titanics, The Zulus
January 30, 1988 Rick Berlin The Movie Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, Over Street, The Shock, After The Fact, DJ Club Ted
January 31, 1988 The Swans The Outlets, Bullet Lavolta, DJ Mod Todd
February 1, 1988 In The Pink, Thunderhourse, Bridge, Gypsy DJ Myro The Pyro
February 2, 1988 Aria Nova, Big Clock, The Lemmings, Telepath DJ Club Ted
February 3, 1988 The Count, Passion, Oblivion, Gear, Fragile Piece, Gary Santarella (record R) DJ Debbie Southwood Smith (Boston Rock & Roll Anthology #9)
February 4, 1988 Gil Scott-Heron and Richie Havens (postponed) Right Time, DJ Mod Todd
February 5, 1988 Foghat, Outlaws The Trust w Fran Sheehan (Boston)
February 6, 1988 The Drive Ball & Pivot, Mitch Chakour, The Rain, Shady Characters, Greg Greenway, DJ Myro The Pyro
February 7, 1988 The Meatmen (farewell gig all ages) Wrecking Crew, The Gingerbread Men, DJ Mod Todd
February 8, 1988 The T’s, Eediles, That’ll Learn Ya DJ Debbie Southwood Smith
February 9, 1988 The Apples, The Choice, British Norberts, Lower Wacker Drive, Full Throttle DJ Club Ted
February 10, 1988 Airporte, No Such Animal, Body & Soul, No Problem, Day By Day DJ Mod Todd
February 11, 1988 Plate O Shrimp, Bim Skla Bim, The Toasters, Legal Gender The Great Train Robbery, DJ Black Star Liner
February 12, 1988 The Blushing Brides Powerglide, DJ Mod Todd
February 13, 1988 Bang, Kid Crash (all ages 1 pm) X-Cape, Maximum, Skin Tight, Krazler, DJJohn Marino
February 13, 1988 Bang, Kid Crash (over 21 8 pm) Poison T, Catharsis, Livewire, Blizzard, DJ John Marino
February 14, 1988 Turtles (Flo & Eddie) Taylor Made, DJ Mod Todd
February 15, 1988 Katie Webster, Mighty Sam McClain w T.J. Wheeler & The Smokers
February 16, 1988 Deslok, Rock Inc, Sacred Silence, Exact, Druid, (18 +) DJ John Marino
February 17, 1988 Plant Life, Shade, Split Risk, Knots & Crosses, Down Staircase DJ Mod Todd
February 18, 1988 The Affairs, Judge Mental, Crime & Punishment, Target, September Reign Idle Rumors, dj Mod Todd
February 19, 1988 The Swinging Erudites, The Rain DJ Club Ted (Dance Umbrella Montreal Performance Art Marie Chouinard)
February 20, 1988 Rick Berlin The Movie, Hearts On Fire (Dance Umbrella Montreal Performance Art Marie Chouinard)
February 22, 1988 Flat Rabbit, Society Of Children, Fine Line, Bohemian Angels, The Fauves DJ Mod Todd
February 23, 1988 L.A.Guns (18 +) Laaz Rocket, Pieces, Strait Jackit
February 24, 1988 Meatloaf Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, DJ Mod Todd
February 25, 1988 Roger Steffens History of the Wailers, w The Itals, Roots Radics DJ Black Star Liner
February 26, 1988 The Radiators Me & The Boys, DJ Mod Todd
February 27, 1988 The Fools Beat Surrender, Third Uncle, Dusty Top Hat 9record relese night)
February 29, 1988 Norum Vegas, Lord Byron, Dynamics, Sleep That Burns, Room X DJ Mod Todd
March 1, 1988 Ruby Topaz, Instigators, Roxy, Evangelizer, Doldrum (18 +) DJ John Marino
March 2, 1988 White Fire, M.P.H., Artisan, Blitz, Ex-15 DJ Mod Todd
March 3, 1988 Triage, Sojourn, The Lemmings, Big Clock, Parade, Green Fuse DJ Mod Todd
March 4, 1988 New Man Tribe, Paris, The Shivers, Mike Verge & Acid Reign
March 5, 1988 Pretty Poison Picture Perfect, Grindel, dj Mod Tod
March 7, 1988 Self Image, Ferrara, Breakdown, Parts DJ Mod Todd
March 8, 1988 World Premier, White Heat, Real World, Two Saints
March 9, 1988 The Wailers, Danny Tucker & One Love, Freedom Of Expression DJ Black Star Liner
March 10, 1988 Physical Graffiti (Led Zed cover) Kid Crash, XLR* dj John Marino
March 11, 1988 Rods and Cones The Great Divide, Rhino Park, Circle Sky, One Life
March 12, 1988 The Stompers Push Push, The Limit, Social Animals
March 13, 1988 Wargasm (all ages) (2 pm) Formicide, Dusty Top Hat, T.I.D.C.
March 14, 1988 Soothing Sounds For Baby, Never On Sunday, Falcon
March 15, 1988 Dr. Void, Gatecrashers, Foreplay
March 16, 1988 White Lion (18 +) Shout
March 17, 1988 The Lookalikes (from Dublin)
March 18, 1988 The Neighborhoods Rash Of Stabbings, Mike Viola & The Snap, Deulsions Of Grandeur, dj Club Ted
March 19, 1988 Skin, (record release) Cavedogs, Unattached, Dogzilla, Happy Campers, mc Albert O’
March 21, 1988 Section 8, The Safe, Xntrix dj Mod Todd
March 22, 1988 Cheating Ace, The Peasants, A Boy’s Will, Tailsmen, Special Force, dj Mod Todd
March 23, 1988 Blind Rhino, Hogd On Ice, Aria Nova, Another Bad Harvest, Luca, Easy Going Guys, dj Mod Todd
March 24, 1988 Pat Travers Egypt, Artisan, Target, dj Mod Todd
March 25, 1988 Crystal Ship (Doors cover) The Royal Pimps, Four Four, Cool McCool, dj Eric
March 26, 1988 Shake The Faith The Rain, The Titanics, Forever 19, Blake Babies, Big Train, dj Club Ted
March 27, 1988 Frantic City, Intruder, Mace, Private Party, Capital Punishment dj Club Ted
March 28, 1988 Shambles, Blue Movie, Face Dance, The Thrill DJ Mod Todd
March 29, 1988 Bacchus, Glass, Flesh, Burnt Offerings, Valkrie (18+) DJ John Marino
March 30, 1988 Meli’sa Morgan Miles Jaye. Dj Anastasia
March 31, 1988 Alpha Blondy Ibrahima’s World Beat, dj Black Star Liner
April 1, 1988 The Fools Scott Folsom, Reel To Real, Big Clock, dj Jim Mitchell
April 2, 1988 Lyres (record release) Christmas, The Outlets, The Lemmings
April 4, 1988 The Breakdown, The Apples, The Sight, Annette DJ Mod Todd
April 5, 1988 Charley’s Band, The Norberts, Hunting Sleeve DJ Mod Todd
April 6, 1988 (Pyramid Studio Party) Myriad Creatures, Manta Rays, Ulterior Motives Big Argument, Dynamics, Judge Mental, Talking To Animals, dj Mod Todd
April 7, 1988 Gang Green (18+) Goo Goo Dolls, Psycho, dj Mark Alghini
April 8, 1988 Treat Her Right T.H. And The Wreckage, Dr. Black’s Combo, Big Clock, dj Club Ted
April 9, 1988 Blushing Brides (Rolling Stones cover) Good Question, dj Jim Mitchell
April 10, 1988 Henry Rollins Band (all ages 2 pm) Volcano Suns, The Rise, dj Mark Alghni
April 11, 1988 Brave River, Psychotic Reaction, Diamond Press, Evngelists
April 12, 1988 Inner Circle The I-Tones, dj Black Star Liner
April 13, 1988 Fresh For Lulu (Cancelled) Dramarama
April 14, 1988 The Norum Begas, Afterlife, Nor’Easters, Tax Collectors, Telepath, Say When
April 15, 1988 John Lee Hooker, Johnny Winter, Roomful Of Blues
April 16, 1988 Rick Beriln The Movie 3 Hands, Paris, Release, Parade, dj Club Ted
April 17, 1988 All (all ages 2 pm) The Doughboys, Apology, dj Mark Alghni
April 18, 1988 Blue Fever, Green Magnet School, Diamond Ice, Flight, Aesthetic Pig Band DJ Mod Todd
April 19, 1988 Stick People, Thunder house, eediles, Cheating Ace, Limited Partnership DJ Mod Todd
April 20, 1988 Yellowman Zion Initation, dj Black Star Liner
April 21, 1988 Will The Kill Bang, The Shivers, dj Mod Todd
April 22, 1988 Bim Skala Bim, the Toasters, The grat Train Robbery, Shy Five N.Y. Citizens, dj Club Ted
April 23, 1988 Big Dipper Tibe, Blusted Statues, Nova Mob, Pat On the Back
April 24, 1988 Dirty Water TV taping, T.H. & The Wreckage, Michael’s Messina, XLR8 Sweet Cheater, Me & The Boys, The Limit, Falcon, 200 Proof, mc Cha Chi Lopette, dj Club Ted
April 25, 1988 What, Smoke Shop, Big Rain, The Riddler, Run Dick Run dj Mod Todd
April 26, 1988 Murder, S.G Rose, U.S.A. Quick Fever, 2 Million B.C. dj John Marino
April 27, 1988 Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fishbone, Thelonious Monster DJ Mod Todd
April 28, 1988 Ferrara, Bridge, Self Image, Blue Movie, Myth, The Many dj Mod Todd
April 29, 1988 Farrenheit The Broadcasters, Ultra Blue, dj Club Ted
April 30, 1988 The Drive (record release) The Souls, Blue Bandeau, Trace Of Red, mc Carter Alan, dj Club Ted
May 1, 1988 E.U. New Kids On the Block, mc Elroy Smith, dj Anastasie
May 2, 1988 One Flight Down, The Parts, The Point, Parade dj Mod Todd
May 3, 1988 The Jensons, Out Of Control, Falcon, The Gordons DJ Mod Todd
May 4, 1988 The Wailers Right Time, Lloyd Knibbs & The Supersonics, DJ Black Star Liner
May 5, 1988 Xkape (record release 18+) Poison T, XLR8, The Phaze, Live Wire, Sapphire, dj John Marino
May 6, 1988 Down Avenue Greg Kroll Band, Runaway Dan, Inside Straight, Green Fuse, dj Club Ted
May 7, 1988 King Sunny Ade’ And The African Beats Bop Harvey, Ibrahima, dj Black Star Liner
May 9, 1988 Backstage, White Fire, The Amazing Mudsharks, Lightning Rose DJ Mod Todd
May 10, 1988 N.E. Rocks, In The Pink, Spoiled Rotten, Valhalla (18+) DJ John Marino
May 11, 1988 Fine Line, The Norberts, Aria Nova, Real World, Liquid Nik, Hip To Twist DJ Mod Todd
May 12, 1988 The Fall Howard Devoto & Luxuria, Ex-Girlfriends, dj Mod Todd
May 13, 1988 The Romantics Beat Surrender, Mike Viola & Snap, Liquid Symphony, mc Annalisadj Club Ted
May 14, 1988 Robin Trower w Jerry Goodwin Nervous Eaters, The Threats, mc Bradley J.
May 15, 1988 Dirty Water TV taping, The Souls Picture This, mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
May 16, 1988 We Saw The Wolf, Brahmin Caste, Alloy, 3D DJ Mod Todd
May 17, 1988 (Hell Or Highwater benefit) Meliah Rage, Formicide, Pieces, Dusty Top Hat Temporary Insanity (18+) dj John Marino
May 18, 1988 What, Modern Plaidz, In Case Of Jerome, Day Of Rain, Transit Society Of Children, dj Mod Todd
May 19, 1988 Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Sass, Anthem, Nelson Person, Ferrara
May 20, 1988 The Zulus Forever 19, Happy Campers, Delusions Of Grandeur, Waterworld, dj Club Ted, mc Tami Heide
May 21, 1988 The Stompers Michael’s Messina, Sally & The Sophisticats,Cool McCool, Saftey In Numbers, Dynamics, dj Club Ted, mc Phoebe Legere
May 22, 1988 Dag Nasty, Bullet LaVolta, Mallethead (all ages 1 pm) DJ Mod Todd
May 22, 1988 Dirty Water TV taping, Skin Electric Toys, The Many, Snidley Whiplash, dj Club Ted, mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
May 23, 1988 Bleeding Hearts, Naughty Bits, White Fire, Reveal, Present DJ Mod Todd
May 24, 1988 Shaker, Roxy, Erotica, Satan’s Warriors, Flesh (18+) DJ Mod Todd
May 25, 1988 Love Tractor The Breakdown, Hogs On Ice, Another Bad Harvest, Say When, dj Mod Todd
May 27, 1988 Extreme Shout, Catarsis, Sweet Cheater, USA, dj John Marino
May 28, 1988 The Buddy System (record release) The Lampshades with Aimee Mann The Shock, Big Train, Luca, dj Club Ted
May 29, 1988 Dirty Water TV taping, Bang (all ages 1pm) Maximum, Persuader
May 29, 1988 4 Stars (from Zaire), Djimo Kouyette (7.30pm) Zion Initation, dj Black Star Liner
May 30, 1988 Spectral Inclusion, Burnt Offerings, Verina Caliper, Electric, (18+) Silent Night, dj John Marino
May 31, 1988 Failsafe, Cornerstone, Turtles Under Fire, The Merchants, Scatterfield DJ Mod Todd
June 1, 1988 Revolting Cocks (18+) Busted States, Think Tree, mc Oedipus, dj Mod Todd
June 2, 1988 Rock Candy, Pieces, Blizzard, Quick Fever, Valhalla, Rock Inc, (18+) DJ John Marino
June 3, 1988 Tribe, The Bags The Matweeds, The Slaves, The Lemmings, The Tax Collectors, dj Club Ted, mc Tami Heide
June 4, 1988 The Fools Incredible Casuals, Release, Idle Rumours, dj Club Ted
June 5, 1988 Dirty Water TV taping, Classic Ruins, One Life, Blind Rhino dj Club Ted, mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
June 6, 1988 O. Jones, Bridge, Bachelors Of Art, Frequency DJ Mod Todd
June 7, 1988 Bad Brains (18+) Bim Skala Bim, Loving Six, The Rise
June 8, 1988 (8th Anniversary party)Tower Of Power, Taylor Made The Great Train Robbery, dj Mod Todd
June 9, 1988 Ibrahima’s World Beat w Baba Olutunji, The Kuompo Senegalese Dance Co World Beat Reggae Ululators, dj Black Star Liner
June 10, 1988 Albert Collins & The Icebreakers, Roomful Of Blues, The Persuasions dj Club Ted
June 11, 1988 New Man Look One Look, Electric Toys, Overstreet, Target, dj Club Ted
June 12, 1988 Dirty Water TV taping, Cavedogs, Big Train, Inside Outburst, EX-15 dj Club Ted, mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
June 13, 1988 Talon, Big Rain, The Threads, The Pedros dj Mod Todd
June 14, 1988 Spike Raven, Valkrie, Farrara, Blitz, Druid (18+) dj John Marino
June 15, 1988 Smokeshop, Telepath, Visgoths, Special Force, Limited Partnership DJ Mod Todd
June 16, 1988 Physical Graffiti (Led Zed cover) Xkape, 7th Heavan, Egypt, dj Mod Todd
June 17, 1988 Face To Face Blood Oranges, The Rain, dj Club Ted
June 18, 1988 The Neighborhoods Beat Surrender, The Unattached, T.H. & The Wreckage, Reel To Real, dj Club Ted
June 19, 1988 Dirty Water TV taping, Joel Gramolini, Third Person, AriaNova, Parade dj Club Ted, mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
June 20, 1988 Cordwlia’s Dad, Drama Club, Boy/Girl, The Drift, Popular Option dj Mod Todd
June 21, 1988 Raw Deal, Viper, Deslock, Lethal Fury (18+) DJ John Marino
June 22, 1988 Judge Mental, Knots & Crosses, Ulteior Motive, Cheating Ace, Day By Day dj Mod Todd
June 23, 1988 Butthole Surfers (18+) dj Mod Todd
June 24, 1988 Shake The Faith G.G. Turner, Delusions Of Grandeur, No Exit, Another Bad Harvest, dj Club Ted
June 25, 1988 John Entwistle The K-Man Band, Artisan, Anthem, dj Club Ted
June 26, 1988 Dirty Water TV taping, Kid Crash, Poison T, USA, Haven, In Spite (18+) dj Club Ted, mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
June 27, 1988 Tyson vs Spinks (via Closed Circuit TV) (6pm)
June 28, 1988 Stuart Factory, Rapid Star, Psychotic Reaction, Blue Movie, The Staff dj Mod Todd
June 29, 1988 The Amazing Mud Shark, Dynamics, Thunderhouse dj Mod Todd
June 30, 1988 Hallows Eve, Mix Machine, Burnt Offerings DJ John Marino
July 1, 1988 Bim Skala Bim Plate O’ Shrimp, Shy Five, Donkey Show, Shot Black & White, dj Club Ted
July 2, 1988 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages The Outlets, Great Divide, Happy Campers, Attatat
July 3, 1988 Dirty Water TV taping, The Drive, Release, Dynamics, The Connection dj Club Ted, mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
July 5, 1988 Lazarus, Shaker, N.E. Rocks, Storm Warning, Kendra (18+) DJ John Marino
July 6, 1988 Taylor Dayne Special Force, mc Ed McMahon
July 7, 1988 Voivod, Testament, Violence (18+) DJ John Marino
July 8, 1988 Meat Puppets Salem 66, Busted Statues, dj Club Ted
July 9, 1988 Pat Travers Mike Viola & Snap, Me & The Boys, Nitework, dj Jim Mitchell
July 10, 1988 Dirty water TV taping, The Raindogs, Tax Collectors, The Norberts, The Pedros dj Club Ted, mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
July 11, 1988 Sin City, Crab Daddy, The Stops, Toymaker, White Fish DJ Mod Todd
July 12, 1988 Vernia Caliper, Ferrara, Silent Knight, Street Deal, Raw Deal (18+) dj John Marino
July 13, 1988 Third World The Uluators, dj Black Star Liner
July 14, 1988 Flosam & Jetsam, Fates Warning, Wargasm (18+) dj John Marino
July 15, 1988 Krokus, Leslie West & Mountain Sass, Triton, dj John Marino
July 16, 1988 Nina Hagen Skin, A Scanner Darkly, mc Oedipus, dj Club Ted
July 17, 1988 Marcia Griffiths, Lt. Stitchies, Red Dragon, Sanchez, Wayne Ranks DJ Black Star Liner
July 19, 1988 Iggy Pop Balaam & The Angel, dj Mod Todd
July 20, 1988 Circle Jerks (18+) 7 Seconds, Grin, Psycho, dj Mod Todd
July 21, 1988 The Divinyls Willie Alexander Band, Delusions Of Grandeur, dj Mod Todd
July 22, 1988 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Son Seals Blues Band w Koko Taylor dj Club Ted
July 23, 1988 Hurricane, King’s X Catharsis, Glass, Egypt, dj John Marino
July 24, 1988 Overkill (all ages 1 pm) Nuclear Assault, Meliah Rage, Mallethead, dj John Marino
July 25, 1988 O.Jones, Black Friday, Nine Lives, King Crass, The Point DJ Mod Todd
July 26, 1988 Cerise, Deslok, S.G. Rose, Capital Punishment, Shotgun (18+) dj John Marino
July 27, 1988 Physical Graffiti (Led Zed cover) The Tears, The Royal Pimps, Zalla, dj john Marino
July 28, 1988 The Motor City Rhytm Kings, The Laws, Brahman Caste, Cartoon Factory Open Perception, Society Of Children, dj mod Todd
July 29, 1988 Bang Kid Crash, XLR, Sweet Cheater, Erotika, dj John Marino
July 30, 1988 New Man The Souls, Electric Toys, Luca, Down Staircase, dj Club Ted
July 31, 1988 Slapshot (all ages 1pm) The hard-Ons, The Loved Ones, dj Mod Todd
August 1, 1988 New Found Toy, Self Image, T.B.A., The Unbelievables dj Mod Todd
August 2, 1988 Damaged Goods, Billy Dobo, Vital Image, Suspicion dj Mod Todd
August 3, 1988 Better Than Ezra, September Reign, Rapid Star, Ferix, Private Parts dj Mod Todd
August 4, 1988 Pieces, Maximum, In The Pink, Haven, Spoiled Rotten, Blitz (18+) dj John Marino
August 5, 1988 Extreme Xkape, The Phaze, Persuader, dj Club Ted, mc Carter Alan
August 6, 1988 Hot Tuna w Jorma Kaukonen & Jack Casady, David Bromberg dj Club Ted
August 8, 1988 Hail Mary, Cham Eve, On The Rocks, Dogs Of War DJ Mod Todd
August 9, 1988 Viper, Mariah, Shotgun, Silent Night (18+) DJ John Marino
August 10, 1988 Don’t Try This At Home, Black Friday, The Pladz, Inside Out, Def Fresh Org dj Mod Todd
August 11, 1988 Saxon Hurricane, USA, Arcturus, dj John Marino
August 13, 1988 Farrenheit Mass, Overstreet, After The Fact, Street Kid, dj Eric
August 14, 1988 John Entwistle Paul D’Angelo, dj Club Ted
August 15, 1988 Ronnie Montrose Egypt, Artisan, mc Tami Heide
August 16, 1988 Backstage, Drifter, Lethal Fury, The Crowd (18+) DJ John Marino
August 17, 1988 Georgia Satellites The Titanics, Me And The Boys, dj Mod Todd
August 18, 1988 D.R.I. (18+) Creator, Holy Terror, dj John Marino
August 19, 1988 Tribe, Legal Weapon The Great Train Robbery, The Lemmings, Think Tree, Scatterfield, mc Bill Abbate, dj Club Ted
August 20, 1988 The Lyers, The Bags Delusions Of Grandeur, Johnny & The Jumper Cables, The Many
August 22, 1988 The Bridge, Ozone, Gypsy Switch, Private Party, Hunting Sleeve DJ Mod Todd
August 23, 1988 Bhundu Boys from Zimbabwe Plate O’ Shrimp, dj Black Star Liner
August 24, 1988 The Dregs featuring T.Lavitz, Steve Morse, Rod Morgenstien, Dave Larue The Breakdown
August 25, 1988 Meliah Rage, Kid Crash, Burnt Offerings, Quick fever, Livewire, (18+) Deslock, Zalla, dj John Marino
August 26, 1988 Rick James w Special guests, (King Biscuit Flower hour recording) mc Elroy Smith, dj Club Ted
August 27, 1988 Rick James w Special guests, (King Biscuit Flower hour recording) mc Dale Dorman, dj Anastasie
August 29, 1988 Inside Out, Unique, The Last, Druan DJ Mod Todd
August 30, 1988 LA Guns (18+) Pieces, Tommy Gun, Larox, dj John Marino
August 31, 1988 The Present, The Stops, Ferrara, Ulterior Motive, Storm Warning Judge Mental, dj Mod Todd
September 1, 1988 King David Rudder And The Charlie’s Roots Orchestra, Tambu DJ Black Star Liner
September 2, 1988 The Drive, The Rain Idle Rumors, Parade, The Amazing Mudshark, Naughty Bits, mc Steve Strick, dj Myro The Pyro
September 3, 1988 Big Dipper Plan 9, Blood Oranges, Last stand, Mind Over Matter, dj Mark Alghni
September 4, 1988 Dirty Water TV taping Heretix, The Slaves, The Threats, Down Staircase mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
September 6, 1988 Subjugator, Lazarus, Steel Crye, MalignIntent, Axis (18+) dj John Marino
September 7, 1988 Billy Dobo, T.B.A., Inside Outburst, Hip To Twist, On The Rocks DJ Mod Todd
September 8, 1988 King Diamond, Flotsam & Jetsam (18+)
September 9, 1988 Rick Berlin The Movie Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, Nitework, Target, Ferix, dj Club Ted
September 10, 1988 King Sunny Ade’ And The African Beats Ibrahima’s World Beat, dj Black Star Liner
September 12, 1988 Suspicions, Van Hamburger, The reach, Bizarre Era, DJ Mod Todd
September 13, 1988 Gypsy, Fashion, Ruff Terrain, Fourplay, Kendra DJ John Marino
September 14, 1988 WBCN Lunchtime Concert, The James Montgomery Band (11.30 am)
September 14, 1988 The Ramones Voodoo Dolls, The Matweeds, dj Mod Todd
September 15, 1988 Dennis Brown, Lloyd Parks & We The People
September 16, 1988 Bim Skala Bim (record release) The Toasters, Futu Futu, Bop Harvey, dj Club Ted
September 17, 1988 Scruffy The Cat The Cavedogs, The Gutterboys, Witch Doctor, dj Dana
September 18, 1988 Dirty Water TV taping, Willie “Loco” Alexander, Big Bad Wolf Transphibans, Vision Corp, mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
September 19, 1988 Self Image, Frisky Biz, The Void, Bachelors Of Art DJ Mod Todd
September 20, 1988 The Pact, Bad Karma, S.G.Rose, Lady Luck, Spectral Incursion dj John Marino
September 21, 1988 WBCN Lunchtime Concert, Steve Forbert (11.30 am) DJ Mod Todd
September 21, 1988 Meatloaf Michael’s Messina, Artisan
September 22, 1988 Bill Murphy & Border Patrol, Eediles, Dance Electric, Cerise, September Reign Lost Passenger Train, dj Mod Todd
September 23, 1988 Treat Her Right Rubber Rodeo, Nor’easters, The Merles, Cool McCool, dj Club Ted
September 24, 1988 John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band Joel Gramolini, Mike Viola & Snap, Saftey In Numbers, mc Kimberly Jeager, dj Jim Mitchell
September 25, 1988 The Dead Milkmen (all ages 1 pm) The Bags, Psycho, Gingerbread Men, dj Mod Todd
September 26, 1988 Vital Image, Open Perception, Society Of Children, Bad Dog, Clairvoyance dj Mod Todd
September 27, 1988 Steait Jacket, Majesty, Shaker, Black Rose, August (18+) dj John Marino
September 28, 1988 Boatmen, Route 3, Shade, Ferrara, Psychotic Reaction
September 29, 1988 Taxi Gang w Sly & Robbie, Max Priest, Freddie McGregor DJ Black Star Liner
September 30, 1988 The Fools T.H. And The Wreckage, Reel To Real, Crime And Punishment, mc Lisa Traxler, dj Myro The Pyro
October 1, 1988 Face To Face Ultra Blue, Steven Pul Perry, Me & The Boys, mc Mark Parenteau
October 2, 1988 Sham 69 (all ages 1pm) Slapshot, Grin
October 2, 1988 Benefit for Jamaican Hurricane w Albert Griffiths, Zion Initation, One World Concious, Supersonics, New Generation Band, Right Time, One People, Loose Caboose, Mighty Charge, mc Danny Tucker, dj Black Star Liner
October 4, 1988 Sudden Impact, Gypsy, Brain Cramps, Osbscene, Afterbirth (18+) DJ John Marino
October 5, 1988 Aswad Danny Tucker & One Love, dj Black Star Liner
October 6, 1988 The Mood, Double Dose, Duct Tape Messiahs, One Flight Down, Infra Red dj Mod Todd
October 7, 1988 Del Fuegos The Unattached, The Dawgs, The Breakdown, dj Myro the Pyro
October 8, 1988 The Neighborhoods The Joneses, The Royal Pimps, The Shok, Steet Kid, dj Myro the Pyro
October 9, 1988 Vild Record Release, Dogzilla, The Matweeds, The Titanics, Neutral Nation Nova Nob, Voodoo Dolls (all ages 1 pm)
October 9, 1988 Vild Record Release, The Slaves, The Matweeds, The Titanics, The Blackjacks, Rash Of Stabbings, Reptilicus (21 + 8pm)
October 10, 1988 Wild West, Spellman Block, 911, Subject To Change, Heartland dj Mod Todd
October 11, 1988 Sweet Cheater, Blue Tiger, Drifter, Stranger, Capitol Punishment (18+) DJ John Marino
October 12, 1988 WBCN Lunchtime Concert, Scruffy The Cat (11.30 am)
October 12, 1988 The Radiators The Amazing Mudshark, dj Mod Todd
October 13, 1988 Death Angel, Rigor Mortis, Burnt Offerings, Valhalla (18+) DJ John Marino
October 14, 1988 Heretix, The Bristols, Childhood, Delusions Of Grandeur, Big Train Tax Collectors, Galaxy 500, mc Bill Abbate
October 15, 1988 Molly Hatchet Mass, Artisan, dj John Marino
October 16, 1988 Benefit Fort Point Arts, Drumming On Glass, Zanna Don’t, Common Ailments Of Maturity, Brahmin Caste, Blood And Stone, Geo (1 pm)
October 17, 1988 Miles Ahead, East Link, Life On Earth, All Clear DJ Mod Todd
October 19, 1988 Andrew Tosh & The Tosh Band, Roger Steffens The Life Of Peter Tosh DJ Black Star Liner
October 20, 1988 Maximun, Glass, In The Pink, Persuader, Rock City, Street Deal (18+) DJ John Marino
October 21, 1988 Farrenheit The Rain, Pieces, Naughty Bits, dj Myro Pyro
October 22, 1988 New Man, Electric Toys tape release Release, Social animals, Trace Of Red, dj Jim Mitchell
October 24, 1988 Onyx, Small World, Frequency, Jim & Mary DJ Mod Todd
October 25, 1988 The Massachsetts Metal Anthology Release Party w Capital Punishment Drifter, Tyrus, Lethal Fury, dj John Marino
October 26, 1988 Suicidal Tendencies (18+) Mallethead, Last Stand, Psycho, dj John Marino
October 27, 1988 Yellowman Sophia George, The Sagittarius Band, dj Black Star Liner
October 28, 1988 Blushing Brides (Rolling Stones cover) Xkape
October 29, 1988 The Fools Mike Viola & Snap, Overstreet, mc Robert Englund Freddy Krueger
October 30, 1988 Bim Skala Bim, Plate O’ Shrimp, The Great Train Robbery
October 31, 1988 (Bikers Ball) w Mass Arlo West, Michael’s Messina, Shout, T.N.A., The Royal Pimps, The Dawgs, dj Mod Todd
November 1, 1988 Hostage, Slash Happy, Charlie Brown Band, Train Of Thought DJ Mod Todd
November 2, 1988 King Diamond, Armored Saint (18+) tickets from cancelled show 9/8 honored dj John Marino
November 3, 1988 Burning Spear, Ibrahima’s World Beat DJ Black Star Liner
November 4, 1988 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages Rosco Gordon, The Titanics, The Matweeds, Brahmin Caste, mc Carter Alan
November 5, 1988 B.T.O. Anthem, Cool McCool, mc Chuck Nowlin
November 6, 1988 GLOW Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling 3 hour 7 match wrestling event
November 7, 1988 Hollywood Indians, The Mood, the slight, Bleeding hearts, Bad JuJu DJ Mod Todd
November 8, 1988 Voivod, Violence, The Wrecking Crew, Formicde, (18+) dj John Marino
November 9, 1988 Johnny Saliba, September Reign, T.B.A, Open Perception, Subject To change, Rapid star, Don’t Try This At Home, dj Mod Todd
November 10, 1988 Rick Berlin The Movie dj Mod Todd
November 11, 1988 Extreme Kid Crash, Catharsis, In The Pink, Maximus, dj John Marino
November 12, 1988 Ian Hunter Mick Ronson Grayson Hugh, The Nor’Easters
November 13, 1988 Dirty Water TV taping Mike Viola & Snap, Big Clock, Society Of Children Balboa Dance, mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
November 14, 1988 Wild West, Candy Striper Death Orgy, Here We Are, Limited Partnership dj Mod Todd
November 15, 1988 D’Molls, Warrant, Live Wire, May’s Child, Myriah (18+) dj John Marino
November 16, 1988 Devo Miss Xanna Don’t
November 17, 1988 Butthole Surfers (18+) The Zulus, Grin, dj Mod Todd
November 18, 1988 Neville Brothers Max Creek
November 19, 1988 Fela Kuti from Nigeria, Egypt DJ Black Star Liner
November 20, 1988 The Tubes Still Life, Paris, Third Person
November 22, 1988 The Primitives The DeNiros, Gigolo Aunts
November 23, 1988 Kassav from Martinque (aids Action Committee benefit) Bim Skala Bim, Batwell
November 25, 1988 Crystal Ship (Doors cover) Artisan, Dynamics
November 26, 1988 Dumptruck, Salem 66, The Cavedogs, Blood Oranges, Brothers Kendall John Hovorka
November 28, 1988 Small World, Little Gypsy, Lost Dog, Tommy’s Darking Thrush dj Mod Todd
November 29, 1988 X-Plicit, Cygnuss, Carousel, Tech Difficulty, Stranger (18+) dj John Marino
November 30, 1988 Miles Ahead, Fine line, Cartoon Factory, Ronnie Brockton, 911, Onyx dj Mod Todd
December 1, 1988 Testament, Raven, Stone dj John Marino
December 2, 1988 Roy Orbison T.H. & The Wreckage, Satch Kerns
December 3, 1988 Roy Orbison Mike Viola & Snap, Joe Bernstein Of Big Train
December 4, 1988 The Primitives (tickets from postponed 11/22 date will be honored) The DeNiros, Gigolo Aunts
December 5, 1988 Oasis, Agent 13, Shades Of Gray, Blind Owl dj Mod Todd
December 6, 1988 Anvil, Liege Lord, Bad Karma, Valhalla, Outright (18+) dj John Marino
December 7, 1988 Rob Base (18+) Super Lover, Finesse & Sanquis
December 8, 1988 Clairvoyance, Surrender Dorothy, Bad JuJu, Billy Dobo, Ferrara, Listener dj Mod Todd
December 9, 1988 Georgia Satellites Del Lords, The Nor’Easters, St.John
December 10, 1988 Southside Johnny And The Jukes Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, Me & The Boys, Nuzone
December 12, 1988 Kneeling On Rice, Miss DeMeanor, Wild West, The Explosion dj Mod Todd
December 13, 1988 Vernia Caliper, Ill Wind, Subjugator, Kendra (18+) dj John Marino
December 14, 1988 Wargasm Meliah Rage, Drive
December 15, 1988 Ministry Rights Of The Accused, dj Mod Todd
December 16, 1988 The Guess Who The Drive, Flight 505, mc Bill Smith
December 17, 1988 The Zulus Volcano Suns, The Lemmings, Electric Toys, Brahmin Caste, Johnny & The Jumper Cables, Hell Toupee, mc Angela
December 20, 1988 Roughhouse, Pieces, Hostage, Post Mortem, Rough Terrain (18+) dj John Marino
December 21, 1988 Barry Marshall & The Rockin Robins Chritmas Gala w Rick Berlin, Barrence Whitfield, Willie Alexander, Didi Stewart, Philip Hamilton, The Uncredible Casuals, Steve Perry, The Rain, The Band That Time Forgot, dj Mod Todd
December 22, 1988 Private Parts, Page Nine, September Reign, Dreams Made Flesh dj Mod Todd
December 23, 1988 Rock Against Hunger Christmas Party w Farrenheit, Overstreet Street Kid, Reel to real, Safty In Numbers
December 25, 1988 Christmas Metal w Fortune, The tears, 7th Heaven, Taupier, Lazarus (21+)
December 26, 1988 NU Msik Revue
December 27, 1988 Metal Tuesday (18+)
December 28, 1988 The Cramps Plan 9, Condo Pygmies
December 29, 1988 Attic Boys, Eedilies, Thunder House, Moving Pieces, Oasis
December 30, 1988 Max Creek (two sets) Miles Ahead, dj Myro The Pyro
December 31, 1988 Tribe, The Titanics, Matweeds, Slaves, Delusions Of Grandeur WBCN live broadcast