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1989 Shows at the Channel

January 1, 1989 The Rick Berlin Band Childhood, The Many, September Reign, Karama
January 2, 1989 Self Image, Razor’s Edge, Baldinos. Wize Guise dj Mod Todd
January 3, 1989 Lady Luck, Myriah, Snake Charmer, Hammersmyth (18+) dj Mod Todd
January 4, 1989 Blue Oyster Cult Circus Of Power, Bacchus, Lazarus
January 5, 1989 Small World, Picture This, 8 Balls, Judge Mental dj Mod Todd
January 6, 1989 Extreme, Pieces, Catharsis, Glass, Sweet Surrender dj John Marino
January 7, 1989 The Fools Mike Viola & Snap, Trace Of Red, Parade, Cllairvoyance, dj Myro the Pyro
January 9, 1989 Big City Productions presents The Juice Crew All-Stars Biz Markie, M.C.Shan, Craig G, T.D.S.Mob, Gangst.RR
January 10, 1989 High Function, Mortal Friends, Paint, Bizarre dj Mod Todd
January 11, 1989 Taupier, Persuader, Undertaker, Bad Time (18+) dj John Marino
January 12, 1989 Network, Little Gypsy, Miss DeMeanor, Ulterior Motive, Judge Mental dj Mod Todd
January 13, 1989 Mass The Tears, Royal Pimps, Shaker, dj John Marino
January 14, 1989 Rebel Souls (Ska U.S.A) N.Y. Citizens, Mystic Jammers, Ska’d For Life
January 15, 1989 Ibrahima’s World Beat BabA Olatuji, Mor Thiam, dj Black Star Liner
January 16, 1989 Blind, East Link, Skeptic’s Bookshelf, Legroom dj Mod Todd
January 17, 1989 Hammersmyth, Self Image, Obscene, Explicit (18+) dj John Marino
January 18, 1989 National Velvet, Zug Zug, Page 9, Morgan Stu, Scuff dj Mod Todd
January 19, 1989 Private Parts, Razor’s Edge, Bad JuJu, Cartoon Factory, Baldings, Cairo Stand, dj Mod Todd
January 20, 1989 The Neighborhoods The Unattached, Classic Ruins, Big Beat, 911, The Shock
January 21, 1989 T.H.&The Wreckage w Willie “Loco” Alexander Big Barn Burning, Childhood, Ed’s Redeeming Qualities
January 23, 1989 Wise Guys, Explosion, Awake & Dreaming, Big Face dj Mod Todd
January 24, 1989 Druid, Stranger, Sudden Impact, Benal Fight (18+) dj John Marino
January 25, 1989 Karyn White Aria Nova, Heartthrob, dj Steve Gousby
January 26, 1989 The Response, Zalla, Big Bad Wolf, Johnny & The Rock Hoppers, Deep 6
January 27, 1989 Crystal Ship (doors tribute band) Michael’s Messina, Flight 505
January 28, 1989 New Man Beat Surrender, Joel Gramolini, Breakdown, Dynamics
January 30, 1989 Change Of Fate, Back Bay Project, Cheating Ace, Wild West dj Mod Todd
January 31, 1989 Bullet Boys (18+) Kid Crash, dj John Marino
February 1, 1989 Crad Baddy, Indigo, Mortal Friends, Rapid Star, Wise Guys, Society Of Children, dj Mod Todd
February 2, 1989 Marty Balin Matrix, mc Harvey Wharfield, dj Mod Todd
February 3, 1989 Pato Banton, w Shy 5, Razor’s Edge dj Black Star Liner
February 4, 1989 Farrenheit Mike Viola & Snap, Street Kid, After The Fact, Feat Of Clay
February 6, 1989 High Function, Strong Waters, Vindicator, Napaj, Seducer dj Mod Todd
February 7, 1989 Fourplay, Date With Jan, Post Mortem, Mayschild, Warhead (18+) dj John Marino
February 8, 1989 WBCN Lunchtime Concert w Shake The Faith (11.30 am)
February 8, 1989 Ghandi’s Lunchbox, Metamorphosos, Tommy’s Darkling Thrush, Witch (18+) dj Mod Todd
February 9, 1989 Winger, w Mass (18+) dj John Marino
February 10, 1989 The Fools The Drive (benefit for Megan Dreier cancer fund) The Rain, Duck Tape Massiahs, Trace Of Red, Lady Luck, Valkerie
February 11, 1989 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, w Wolfgang Press
February 14, 1989 (Bikers ball) w Foghat The Royal Pimps, Sweetcheater
February 15, 1989 Shade, It Can’t Happen To Me, Ferrara, September Reign, Cario Stand, Heartland, dj Mod Todd
February 16, 1989 Paul Stanley dj Mod Todd
February 17, 1989 Big Dipper, w Gigolo Anuts, Brothers Kendall, The Norberts, Camera Ready mc Angela, dj Mod Todd
February 18, 1989 Shake The Faith The Jones, Nova Mob, The Tax Collectors, Zug Zug, The Baldinos, mc Steve Strick, dj Jim Mitchell
February 19, 1989 Meatloaf Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, Reel To Real, Clairvoyance, dj Jim Mitchell, (Dirty Water TV taping)
February 20, 1989 DeMilos, After The Storm, Druin, Leg Room, October dj Mod Todd
February 21, 1989 Omen (18+) Quick Fever, Persuader, Maelstrom, Deslok, dj John Marino
February 22, 1989 Picture This, Back Bay Project, Cartoon Factory, Balboa Dance, Kneeling On Rice, Attic Boys, dj Mod Todd
February 23, 1989 Kid Crash, Pieces, Sweet Cheater, Taupier, Livewire (18+)
February 24, 1989 Blood, Sweat & Tears w David Clayton Thomas Flight 505, Double Up
February 25, 1989 Bim Skala Bim Dogzilla, The Matweeds, Delusions Of Grandeur, Big Clock, mc Steve Strick, dj Jim Mitchell
February 27, 1989 The Old School, Navy Blue Nuns, Lost Weekend, What dj Mod Todd
February 28, 1989 First Strike, Hostage, D.T.Boyze, High Horse, Leadfoot (18+) dj John Marino
March 1, 1989 Crab Daddy, The Drift, Metamorphosis, Awake & Dreaming, Billy Dobo dj Mod Todd
March 2, 1989 Toots And The Maytals, w One People dj Black Star Liner
March 3, 1989 Barrence Whitfield And The Savages The Incredible Casuals, The Bristols, Cool McCool, 145
March 4, 1989 Mass, w The Tears, Catharsis, Lady Luck mc Albert O’, dj John Marino
March 6, 1989 The Horns, Bells Cry Bells, Self Image, Rising Suns, East Link dj Mod Todd
March 7, 1989 Spike Raven, Titanium, Trash Broadway, Kill City Thrills, Crystal (18+) dj John Marino
March 8, 1989 Leslie Butch & The Change, Bad JuJu, Comic Strip, This Is This, The Grip dj Mod Todd
March 9, 1989 Latoya Jackson Finest Hour, Best Kept Secret, Heartthrob (Dance Jam TV taping)
March 10, 1989 Max Creek Plate O’ Shrimp
March 11, 1989 Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy & Jr. Wells, Nighthawkes
March 13, 1989 The Source, 3D, Will Hunt, Skeptic’s Bookshelf, Chloroform Kate dj Mod Todd
March 14, 1989 Amythist, Candy Striper Death Orgy, Flesh, Spectral Incursion, (18+) Capital Punishment, dj John Marino
March 15, 1989 WBCN Lunchtime Concert w Bim Skala Bim (11.30 am)
March 15, 1989 It Can’t Happen To Me, Cairo Stand, Mind Over Matter, Witch, Hardtops, Matrix, dj Mod Todd
March 16, 1989 Gregory Isaacs & The Ryddim Kings, w Earl Strength & The Concious Band dj Black Star Liner
March 17, 1989 Southside Johnny & The Jukes Joel Gramolini, The Breakdown, Nitiework
March 18, 1989 The Wolfe-Tones (25th Anniversary concert) (2 shows) Razor’s Edge
March 20, 1989 Fresh Fish, Pladz, Jamaican Vacation, Bad Dog, Breadbox dj Mod Todd
March 21, 1989 Blackmail, Hard Licks, Outrage, Dionysus, Hammersmyth (18+) dj John Marino
March 22, 1989 Artisan, John booth’s Rain forest, Ghandi’s Lunchbox, Garlang & The Big Rig, The Old School, Cartoon Factory, dj Mod Todd
March 23, 1989 Joplin Hart Big Bad Wolf, Blind Ambition, Tsunami Poets, Backstage
March 24, 1989 Tribe Big Train, The Deniros, The Threats, Scatterfield, mc Bill Abbate
March 25, 1989 Physical Graffiti (Lead Zeppelin cover) (2 shows) The Royal Pimps, dj Jim Mitchell
March 27, 1989 In 2 Deep, Transition, Slash Happy, The Rafters, A Different Blue dj Mod Todd
March 28, 1989 Cygnuss, Xavier, Verina Caliper, Gutarzan, Scam (18+) dj John Marino
March 29, 1989 Philtres, Strong Waters, Vinicators, What, Mike Viola & Snap Navy Blue Nuns, dj Mod Todd
March 30, 1989 Dogs D’Amour (18+) Motherlove Bone, Shake The Faith, Livewire, Bacchus, September Reign, dj John Marino
March 31, 1989 The Owtlaws, w Toy Caldwell St. John, Miles Ahead, mc Julie Devereaux
April 1, 1989 The Fools Ultra Blue, Release, Saftey In Numbers, Social Animals
April 3, 1989 Bad Shibumi, Seducer, Napaj, Fantasia, After The Storm dj Mod Todd
April 4, 1989 The Radiators Me And The Boys
April 5, 1989 Mad Anthony, The Source, Oaisis, Kairos, Girl On Top, Attic Boys dj Mod Todd
April 6, 1989 Mark Farner T.H.& The Wreckage, Flight 505, Zug Zug, Clairvoyance, mc Bill Smith, dj Mod Todd
April 7, 1989 Blushing Brides (Stones cover) (2 shows) Powerglide, dj John Marino
April 8, 1989 Neville Brothers Boston Baked Blues Band, dj Jim Mitchell
April 9, 1989 Richard Nolan & The Naked Cage House Band White Knight, Judge Mental, Stick People, dj Jim Mitchell
April 10, 1989 The Fighting Sullivans, Educated Guess, Curious Yellow, The Balls Snidely Whiplash, dj Mod Todd
April 11, 1989 First Strike, High Horse, Valkyrie, Modern Man, Reverlation (18+) dj John Marino
April 12, 1989 WBCN Lunchtime Concert w Christmas (11.30 am)
April 12, 1989 New England D.J. Association presents Sheena, Best Kept Secret Finest Hour, C.C.Deva, Figures On A Beach, dj Mod Todd
April 13, 1989 Falcon, Waterworld, Joe Rukkus, Jamaican Vacation, Hardtops dj Mod Todd
April 14, 1989 Del Fuegos Blood Oranges, Big Blues Meanies, The Amazing Mudshark, dj John Marino
April 15, 1989 Charlie Sexton Tax Collectors, Parade, Satch Kerns Band, dj John Marino
April 16, 1989 Marathon Party w Shake The Faith, Pieces Flesh, Arctauraus, Taupier, Miss Demeanor, mc Tank
April 16, 1989 All Ages Marathon Party w Pieces, Flesh, Lady Luck (doors 1 pm) mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
April 17, 1989 Innosense, Suspicions, The Pump System, Whielock, Instigators dj Mod Todd
April 18, 1989 Street Deal, Shotgun, Axis, D.T.Boyze, Haven (18+) dj John Marino
April 19, 1989 Feat Of Clay, Mortal Friends, Metamorphosis, The Grip, The Marleans Strong Waters, dj Mod Todd
April 20, 1989 Powerglide What, Ex-Girlfriends, Breadbox, The Source, Perfect Strangers, dj Mod Todd
April 21, 1989 Farrenheit Kid Crash, Hearts On Fire, El Caminos, The Limit, dj Myro The Pyro
April 22, 1989 Third World, w The Wailers dj Black Star Liner
April 24, 1989 B.A.L. E. Best Guitarist Finals, w Childhood dj Mod Todd
April 25, 1989 Zalla, Sudden Impact, Titanium, Boa, Mayschild (18+) dj John Marino
April 26, 1989 The Rafters, Black Axess, Bad JuJu, Druan, Awake & Dreaming. Private Parts. Dj Mod Todd
April 27, 1989 Eric Burdon w Savoy Brown Breakdown, mc Harvey Wharfield, dj Mod Todd
April 28, 1989 The Rick Berlin Band Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, Electric Toys, Truth To the Rumor, Camera Ready, mc Steve Strick
April 29, 1989 The Neighborhoods The Pandoras, Pligrims Soul, Nor’Easters, Down Staircase, G.G.Turner, mc Albert O.
May 2, 1989 The Untouchables w Thick as Thieves, Ska-d For Life dj Mod Todd
May 3, 1989 Isreal Vibration, w Mikey Dread, Roots Radics dj Black Star Liner
May 4, 1989 Ibrahima’s World Beat Plate O’ shrimp, dj Black Star Liner
May 5, 1989 The Tubes Overstreet, Reel To Real, Morgan Stu, Billy Dobo, dj John Marino
May 6, 1989 The Stompers Michael’s Messina, Me & The Boys, Double Up, The Cutouts, dj Jim Mitchell
May 8, 1989 Archive, Paradox, Self Image, Ugly Rumors, Juvenile Amphibians In Formaldehyde, dj Mod Todd
May 9, 1989 Stranger, Wayne Monor, Trash Broadway, Sentry, Steed (18+) dj John Marino
May 10, 1989 Shade, Blind Rhino, Picture This, A Is A, October, Indigo dj Mod Todd
May 11, 1989 Blockyard Life On Earth, Educated Guess, Seducer, A Different Blue, dj Mod Todd
May 12, 1989 Bim Skala Bim The Toasters, The Joneses, Big Beat, House Of Joy, Mind Over Matter, dj John Marino
May 13, 1989 Crystal Ship (doors tribute band) Catharsis, Fine Line, mc John Spence, dj Jim Mitchell
May 15, 1989 Boy Girl, Lost Weekend, Lower Wacker Drive, Flight, dj Mod Todd
May 16, 1989 Roomful Of Blues, w Max Creek (18+) dj Mod Todd
May 17, 1989 Deshane entertainment presents. West, The Realm, The Response Matrix, Druin, dj Mod Todd
May 18, 1989 Idle Rumors, Baldings, Nine One One, What, The Source, Hardtops mc Lisa Traxler, dj Mod Todd
May 19, 1989 New Man The Drive, Steve Perry, Brahmin Caste, Big Clock, Balboa Dance, mc Tank, dj John Marino
May 20, 1989 Bullet Lavolta (record release) The Lemonheads, Galaxy 500, Hell Toupee, Buffalo Tom, dj Jim Mitchell
May 21, 1989 Gary Shane Lost Dog, Scared Of Horses, Gold Fever, dj John Marino
May 22, 1989 Rubber Currency, Temptress, Fantasia, The Motives, 7th Day dj Mod Todd
May 23, 1989 Molly Hatchet, Pat Travers The Royal Pimps, Crystal Talon, Lady Luck, dj Mod Todd
May 24, 1989 WBCN Lunchtime Concert w The Rick Berlin Band (11.30 am )
May 24, 1989 Navy Blue Nuns, Philtres, It Can’t Happen To Me, In 2 Deep, Surrender Dorothy, Bad Shibumi, dj Mod Todd
May 25, 1989 Livewire, Hard Licks, Strait Jackit (18+) dj Mod Todd
May 26, 1989 The Ramones The Ex-Girlfriends, Classic Ruins, dj Mod Todd
May 27, 1989 Mass w Pieces Flesh, Anthem, Shok, dj John Marino
May 28, 1989 Al Halliday & The Hurricanes Nitework, Feat Of Clay, G.G.Turner, Ultramaroons, dj Jim Mitchell
May 29, 1989 Scott Lawson & The Gate Crashers, Transitition, Smack Tan Blue Backstrike To Cuba, Rawgurd Judy, dj Mod Todd
May 30, 1989 Bad Influences, Lethal Fury, Manifest, Sirath, Restless (18+) dj John Marino
May 31, 1989 The Proclaimers Ed Haynes, dj Mod Todd
June 1, 1989 (The Beat 5th Anniversary Party) w The Neighborhoods Ultra Blue, The Tears, Electric Toys, Trace Of Red
June 2, 1989 Foghat The Royal Pimps, After The Fact, Jamaican Vacation, dj Mod Todd
June 3, 1989 Barrence Whitfield And The Savages El Caminos, See No Evil, Saphire
June 5, 1989 The Treatment, Slash Happy, Napaj, Rebbecca Lulu, Chase & Currier dj Mod Todd
June 6, 1989 Tantara, Blue Tiger, Dead Winter, Tyrus, Capitol Punishment (18+) dj John Marino
June 7, 1989 Suspicions, Open Pereption, Innocence, The Pump System Girl On Top, September Reign, dj Mod Todd
June 8, 1989 Blue Oyster Cult Kid Crash, Johnny & The Jummper Cables, dj Mod Todd
June 9, 1989 The Fools Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, Kool McCool, Duck Tape Messiahs, 145, dj John Marino
June 10, 1989 The Zulus The Titanics, Goo Goo Dolls, One Life, dj Jim Mitchell
June 12, 1989 Ugly Rumors, Barry Young, The Loyal 4, Vital Signs, Danny’s Idol dj Mod Todd
June 13, 1989 T.N.T. Iron Rage, Hostage, Warhead, Blackmail, Obscene, dj John Marino
June 14, 1989 Blackwater Junction, Vindiicator, Rapid Star, Kairos, Wise Guise, Bad JuJu dj Mod Todd
June 15, 1989 The Souls The Breakdown, Strong Waters, The Rafters, The Gordons, dj Mod Todd
June 16, 1989 The Drive Steve Paul Perry, Big Six, dj John Marino
June 17, 1989 Farrenheit T.H.& The Wreckage, Garr Lange & The Big Rig, Street Kid, High Horse, dj Jim Mitchell
June 19, 1989 Rubber Currency, Heart Of Stone, Lightning Rose, Whigs, Archive dj Mod Todd
June 20, 1989 Tizzy, Euphoria, Valkyrie, First Strike, Amythist, Sang Bang (18+) dj John Marino
June 21, 1989 Mad Crush, Lower Wacker Drive, Sara Laughs, Black Axess, Onyx dj Mod Todd
June 22, 1989 KIX Electric Angels, Triton, dj Jim Mitchell
June 23, 1989 Swimming Pool Q’s Dumptruck, Delusions Of Grandeur, Pilgrim Souls
June 24, 1989 Stiff Little Fingers The Outlets, Last Stand, dj Jim Mitchell
June 26, 1989 The Law, Lost Weekend, The Stops, Instigators
June 27, 1989 Analize, Madhatter, Mad Anthony, Hardlicks, 40 Thieves (18+)
June 28, 1989 Cartoon Factory, The Safe, Ganhis, Lunchbox, Breadbox, Heatland Vow Of Silence
June 29, 1989 Eek-A-Mouse Uprising, One World
June 30, 1989 Rick Berlin Happy Campers, Truth To the Rumor, Masdemeanor, What
July 1, 1989 Romantics Hearts On fire, Real To Reel, Wildside
July 2, 1989 U.S. Navy presents Conspiracy, USS Fulton, USS San Diego, USS McCloy
July 3, 1989 Skid Row (18+) Pieces
July 4, 1989 Positive I.D., Flowershop, Nirvana, Yessirbob, Injurys
July 5, 1989 Source, Seventh Day, Scuff, Delerints, Open Perception
July 6, 1989 Badlands (18+) Kid Crash, Tizzy
July 7, 1989 The Stompers Michaels Messina, Paris, The Many, Baldinos
July 8, 1989 The Neighborhoods The Toasters, Childhood, Clairvoyance, Valkyrie, dj Jim Mitchell
July 10, 1989 Channel 9th Birthday Party w Buster Poindexter And His Banshees Of Blue
July 11, 1989 Nitro, Bittersweet, Shy Boy, S.G.Rose, Last Judgement, Raw Deal (18+) dj John Marino
July 12, 1989 Lucky Dube (18+) Razors Edge, dj Mod Todd
July 13, 1989 Extreme (all ages) In The Pink, dj Jim Mitchell
July 14, 1989 The Bags, w The Titanics The Well Babies, Hell Toupee, Medicine Ball, dj Mod Todd
July 15, 1989 Physical Graffiti (Lead Zeppelin cover) The Royal Pimps, dj Jim Mitchell
July 16, 1989 An All Star Jam w Stompers, The Nervous Eaters, The Fools, New Man The Drive, Michael’s Messina, Beat Surrender
July 17, 1989 Train Of Thought, Lu Kharizma, New Ark, Happy The Clown, Storm dj Mod Todd
July 18, 1989 The Damned The Throbs, Joe
July 19, 1989 (WFNX night) Nova Mob Two Saints, Border Patrol, Tankee Flip, dj Mod Todd
July 20, 1989 Fela Kuti And Egypt 80 w IMO dj Black Star Liner
July 21, 1989 Big Dipper, Christmas The Lemmings, Blake Babies, Fertile Virgins
July 22, 1989 Mass Sweet Cheater, Talon, The Shok, Bugsy Crunch, dj Jim Mitchell
July 23, 1989 Sinster Minster, The Dolls, Action, Mayschild, Dead Winter (18+) dj Jim Mitchell
July 24, 1989 Work Force, Whigs, Sin-A-Men Gypsy, Boomerang Storm, Mezz dj Mod Todd
July 25, 1989 Finster Baby, Leadfoot, Steed, Boa, Sylence (18+) dj Mod Todd
July 26, 1989 (WFNX night) A Scanner Darkly Gingerbread Men, Blind Rhino, mc Angela
July 27, 1989 Kid Crash (18+) dj Jim Mitchell
July 28, 1989 Scruffy The Cat The Jones, Big Train, Spellbound, dj Mod Todd
July 29, 1989 Farrenheit T.H. & The Wreckage, Tax Collectors, Arctaurus, Naughty Bits, dj Jeff Myerow
July 30, 1989 Hostage, Auditory Imagery, Erotika, Stranger, Talon (18+) dj Jim Mitchell
July 31, 1989 Gypsy Split, Yanva Jam, Chase & Currier, Vital Image dj Mod Todd
August 1, 1989 Gogatha, Sentry, Dionysus, Wicked Lester, Reverlation (18+) dj Mod Todd
August 2, 1989 (WFNX night) Big Barn Burning Apparitions, Lower Waker Drive, Vow Of Silence, dj Mod Todd
August 2, 1989 WBCN Lunchtime Concert w Barrence Whitfield & The Savages (11.30 am)
August 3, 1989 The Regulars, Smack Tan Blue, Napaj, Floating Boat, Sarah Laughs Ugly Rumors, dj Mod Todd
August 4, 1989 John Kay And Steppenwolf Classic Ruins, Morgan Stu, dj Mod Todd
August 5, 1989 Bullet Lavolta White Zombie, Cxema, Loving Six, Green Magnet School, dj Jeff Myerow
August 6, 1989 Iron Rage, Spoiled Rotten, Spectra, Seka, Mad Anthony (18+) dj Jim Mitchell
August 7, 1989 Trip Lullaby & Bundle Of Joy, Little Alex, Pale Nephews, Right Angle The Curtain Society, dj Mod Todd
August 8, 1989 Shade, Awake & Deaming, Network, Seducer, Smooth Bamboo dj Mod Todd
August 9, 1989 Danzig (18+) Gang Green, Zug Zug, Psyco, dj Metal Mike
August 10, 1989 Warrant w Kingdom Come dj Mod Todd
August 11, 1989 Dumptruck, The Neats The Bristols, Idle Rumors, Bad JuJu, dj Mod Todd
August 12, 1989 The Guess Who Paris, Strong Waters, dj Jeff Myerow
August 13, 1989 Live Video Telecast Via Satellite Bon Jovi, Skid Row, from Moscow Festival dj Jim Mitchell, (all ages)
August 14, 1989 T.V. Dreams, Yam Un Jam, The Westmorelands, Pegasus, Reality dj Mod Todd
August 15, 1989 Private Parts, Elijah, Beggarman Thief, Robbin Banx, The Rain Shines dj Mod Todd
August 16, 1989 (WFNX night) Whoville The Promise, Fear Of Falling, dj Mod Todd
August 17, 1989 As Is, Big Bad Wolf, Heart Of Stone, Lightning Rose, Sin-A-Men Gypsy, Steed, dj Mod Todd
August 18, 1989 The Outlaws Nor’Easters, Black Water Junction, The Old School, dj Jim Mitchell
August 19, 1989 The Rick Berlin Band Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, Duck Tape Messiah’s, Double Up, The Deliriance, dj Mod Todd
August 20, 1989 Social Distortion (all ages 1 pm) Mallethead, Straw Dogs, dj Mod Todd
August 21, 1989 The Piv-Nerts, Elijah, Beggarman Thief, Robbin Banx, The Rain & Shines dj Mod Todd
August 22, 1989 Ibrahima’s World Beat w Baaba Maal dj Black Star Liner
August 23, 1989 (WFNX night) Gigolo Ants Down Staircase, One Life, Breadbox, dj Mod Todd
August 24, 1989 Richie Havens, David Peel & The Lower East Side (6 pm) Shy 5, The Well-Babies, Joe, American Blind, Justice, Zug Zug, 9 Lives, dj Mod Todd
August 25, 1989 The Radiators Miles Ahead, dj Mod Todd
August 26, 1989 KIX Pieces, Fortune, Blue Tiger, dj Metal Mike
August 27, 1989 First Strike, Euphoria, Hard Licks, Candy Striper Death Orgy, Paradox(18+) dj Metal Mike
August 28, 1989 Yessireebob, Cartunes, Crazy Moonbeam, Factory Sheet, Polecats dj Mod Todd
August 29, 1989 Lightning Rose, Vindicators, Happy The Clown, Here We Are dj Mod Todd
August 30, 1989 (WFNX night) The Wickermen El Caminos, Vasco Da Gamma, Bachelors Of Art, dj Mod Todd
August 31, 1989 Tax Collectors The Stops, Napaj, Indigo, Ugly Rumors, dj Jim Mitchell
September 1, 1989 Ultra Blue The Royal Pimps, Delusions Of Grandeur, Spellbound, dj Jim Mitchell
September 2, 1989 (SkankAmerica) The Toasters, Bob Harvey, Ska-D For Life, Third Estate dj Mod Todd
September 3, 1989 Taupier, Persuader, Havoc, Mad Hatter, Animalize, Aggravated Assault(18+) dj Metal Mike
September 4, 1989 Seventh Veil, Yam Un Jam, The Evidence, James Tie Band, The Treatment dj Mod Todd
September 5, 1989 T.V. Dream, What We Like, Work Force, The Intrynsics, The Balls dj Mod Todd
September 6, 1989 (WFNX night) Childhood Bulkhead, Gift Horse, Meta Terra, dj Mod Todd
September 7, 1989 Dirty Looks (18+) Sword, The Tears, dj Metal Mike
September 8, 1989 A Flock Of Seagulls The Rick Berlin Band, G.G. Turner, Nuzone, dj Mod Todd
September 9, 1989 Redd Kross The Cavedogs, Luna Chicks, Voodoo Dolls, Mind Grinder, mc & dj Albert O.
September 11, 1989 Trip Lullaby & Bundle Of Joy, The Curtain Society, Cocchiaro, Hedwig Code Of Ethics, dj Mod Todd
September 12, 1989 Surrender Dorothy, The Drift, The button Kings, The Velcro Peasants Band #6, dj Mod Todd
September 13, 1989 WBCN Lunchtime concert w Ultra Blue (11.30 am)
September 13, 1989 (WFNX night) Miss Xanna Don’t & The Willin, Brahmin Caste, Dharma Bums Bad JuJu, dj Mod Todd
September 14, 1989 Andrew Tosh & The Tosh Band Third Estate, Happy Campers, dj Mod Todd
September 15, 1989 Farrenheit Mike Viola & Snap, Breakdown, Nine One One, Smooth Bamboo, dj Jeff Myerow
September 16, 1989 Stevie B. Jaya, Judy’s Tiny Head, mc Ed McMann, dj Steve Goosby
September 17, 1989 Mace, Palisade, Legend, Action, Bittersweet (18+) dj Metal Mike
September 18, 1989 All Or Nothing, The Hendersons, The Like, George Angelo dj Mod Todd
September 19, 1989 Suspicions, Robbin Banx, Reality, 3D w Gary Shane, Life On Earth dj Mod Todd
September 20, 1989 (WFNX night) Masters & Slaves The Visigoths, Miranda Warning, The Marlenas, dj Mod Todd
September 21, 1989 Bad Brains Leeway, Slapshot, Jerry’s Kids, mc Diego, dj Mod Todd
September 22, 1989 Pieces (tape release) The royal Pimps, Maximum, Sweet Cheater In The Pink, Poison T, dj Mod Todd
September 23, 1989 Blushing Brides (Stones cover) Street Kid, dj Jim Mitchell
September 24, 1989 Obscene, Talon, Damager, Iroxx, Undertaker (18+) dj Metal Mike
September 25, 1989 (benefit for striking NYNEX workers) w Treat Her Right, Scruffy The Cat Poncde De Leon & Silverfish, Barry Crimmins, Brothers Kendell, Witch Doctor, Savage Garden, The Lost, Me & The Boys, dj Mod Todd
September 26, 1989 The Wailers w Yellowman dj Black Star Liner
September 27, 1989 (WFNX night) The Titanics Talking To Animals, Life In Bertween, The Piv-nerts, dj Mod Todd
September 28, 1989 Big Audio Dynamite (18+) dj Mod Todd
September 29, 1989 Big Audio Dynamite dj Mod Todd
September 30, 1989 Big Audio Dynamite dj Mod Todd
October 1, 1989 Iron Rage, Trooper, Wild child, Thorn, Shatter’d (18+) dj Metal Mike
October 2, 1989 Signs Of Life, Mindzeye, Minks, Master Mynd, The Skinny dj Mod Todd
October 3, 1989 Loyal Four, Back Bay Project, Ferrara, Steed, Little Alex dj Mod Todd
October 4, 1989 (WFNX night) The Incredible Casuals Parade, The Many, Zuzu’s Petals, dj Mod Todd
October 5, 1989 King Sunny Ade’ w Tabu Ley Rochereau dj Black Star Liner
October 6, 1989 Bim Skala Bim Bop Harvey, Public Service, Gangster Fun, Freedom Of Expression, dj Mod Todd
October 7, 1989 Barrence Whitfield And The Savages Boo Radley, Miss Xanna Don’t & The Willin’, Lucky 7, Ghandi’s Lunchbox, dj Mod Todd
October 8, 1989 Bangtango, The Front, Princess Pang, Flesh, Zalla, Erotika (18+) dj Metal Mike
October 9, 1989 Volume 10, Quest For Tuna, Left Of Center, Standard Procedure, Love Craft dj Mod Todd
October 10, 1989 The Beautiful, Steve Weinstein & The Ifidel Sharks, Drumming On Glass The Westmorelands, Scared Of Horses, dj Mod Todd
October 11, 1989 WBCN Lunchtime Concert w Ocean Blue (11.30 am)
October 11, 1989 (WFNX night) w The Cavedogs Classic Ruins, Gigolo Ants, Whoville, Miranda Warning, dj Mod Todd
October 12, 1989 Morgan Stu, Double Vision, Jerry Stafford Band dj Mod Todd
October 13, 1989 Meatloaf The Joneses, Release, Marcello, dj Mod Todd
October 14, 1989 Tribe Big Barn Burning, Delusions Of Grandeur, The Apparitions, Crime & Punishment, dj Mod Todd
October 15, 1989 Tommy Gun, Irokk, Elijah, Silent Knight (18+) dj Metal Mike
October 16, 1989 The Crime, Seventh Veil, Phineaspoon, Tyger Tyger, Cartunes dj Mod Todd
October 17, 1989 James Tie Band, Workforce, Heart Of Stone, The Evidence, The Point dj Mod Todd
October 18, 1989 Badlands (18+) w Kid Crash Jake E.Lee, Ray Gillen, Eric Singer, Greg Chaisson, dj Metal mike
October 19, 1989 Lieutenant Stitchie, The Itals, David Isaacs dj Black Star Liner
October 20, 1989 Red Hot Chili Peppers Raging Slab, Ex-Girlfriends, Hell Toupee, dj Mod Todd
October 21, 1989 Physical Graffiti (Led Zeppelin cover) Catharsis, mc Julie D., dj Jim Mitchell
October 22, 1989 Jodi Bon Giovi (18+) Michael’s Messina, September Reign, Mad Hatter, Reverlation, The Dolls, dj Metal Mike
October 23, 1989 Yessireebob, Joe Rckhead, Darren, Householder, the Unbelievables, Defiance, dj Mod Todd
October 24, 1989 George Angelo, Code Of Ethics, T.V. Dream, Open Perception, The Bedrocks, dj Mod Todd
October 25, 1989 (WFNX night) w Dogzilla Still Life, ZugZug, Paintbox, dj Mod Todd
October 26, 1989 Bim Skala Bim Meta Terra, Calypso Hurricane, dj Mod Todd (benefit N.E. Wildlife Center)
October 27, 1989 Ultra Blue Big Town, Nor’Easters, Peasent Kings, Dharma Bums, dj Mod Todd
October 28, 1989 GWAR The Zulus, Joe, dj Mod Todd
October 29, 1989 EZO, Rip Youth, The Northwinds, Last Judgment, The Pact, Trash Broadway dj Metal Mike
October 30, 1989 (The B. A. L. E. Rhythm Section Finals) dj Mod Todd
October 31, 1989 Biker’s Ball w Burnt River Band, South Bound, Crystal Talon, Michael’s Messina
November 1, 1989 Deborah Harry Dresden Danse
November 2, 1989 Deborah Harry Judy’s Tiny Head
November 3, 1989 George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars The Royal Pimps, dj Steve Goosby
November 4, 1989 The Stompers T.H.& The Wreckage, Safety In Numbers, Naughty Bits, The Rafters
November 5, 1989 The BoDeans The Black Velvet Band (early showtime 9.30 pm)
November 6, 1989 Luxaeterna, The Like, Two Backyards, For No One, Buzzsaw Frisbees dj Mod Todd
November 7, 1989 The Realm, Bad Shibumi, Asia, Backstroke To Cuba, Triple Threat dj Mod Todd
November 8, 1989 Third World Souljahs, dj Black Star Liner
November 9, 1989 The Radiators Me And The Boys, dj Mod Todd
November 10, 1989 John Lee Hooker & the Kingsnakes w The Buddy Guy Band Roomful Of Blues, dj Mod Todd
November 11, 1989 The Ian Hunter Mick Ronson Band Steve Jones, The Bristols, dj Mod Todd
November 12, 1989 Testament (all ages 6 pm) Wrathchild, Annihilator
November 13, 1989 Trazom, Skyline, Shapes, Graphic Moves, High Gear dj Mod Todd
November 15, 1989 (WFNX night) w Dresden Danse Dixie Cinema, Judge Mental, Dear Sir, dj Mod Todd
November 16, 1989 Foundation, Donovan, One People dj Black Star Liner
November 17, 1989 Leslie West & Mountain St. John, Big train, Black Water Junction, Jerry Stafford Band, dj Mod Todd
November 18, 1989 Loverboy Beau Nasty, dj Mod Todd
November 19, 1989 King Diamond (18+) Toxic, dj Metal Mike
November 20, 1989 Low Profile, Yamunjam, P.I.G., Huck 2, Hymny dj Mod Todd
November 21, 1989 Special Force, Limited Access, Robin Banx, Here We Are, Tom Bouche dj Mod Todd
November 22, 1989 The Fools Mike Viola & Snap, Parade, Floating Boats, dj Mod Todd
November 23, 1989 Pieces , Sweet Cheater, Arlo west, Chance Action (Turkey Bash Bikers Ball)
November 24, 1989 The Rick Berlin Band Al Halliday & The Hurricanes, Brahmin Caste, Double Up, Sin-A-Men Gypsy, dj Mod Todd
November 25, 1989 Farrenheit Hearts On Fire, Powerglide, What, Ugly Rumors, dj Jim Mitchell
November 26, 1989 Bulge, Myriah, Wretched Grace, Roxxi, Clinic (18+) dj Metal Mike
November 27, 1989 Killjoy, Alloy Ocean, The Federation, The Injurys, The Hendersons dj Mod Todd
November 29, 1989 (WFNX night) w The Lemmings Scatterfield, Dreams Made Flesh, She Cried, dj Mod Todd
November 30, 1989 Bonham, The Front dj Metal Mike
December 1, 1989 Scruffy The Cat Bop Harvey, The Walkers, Witch Doctor, dj Mod Todd
December 2, 1989 Think Tree Cxema, Hell Toupee, Savage Garden, mc Paul Cheevers, dj Mod Todd
December 3, 1989 Sinster Minster, Quick fener, Damager, Wicked Lester (18+) Candy Striper Death Orgy, dj Metal Mike
December 4, 1989 Young Hegelians, Brave New World, Phineas Poon, Culture Shock, Tallon dj Mod Todd
December 5, 1989 Juvenile Amphibians In Fomaldehyde, Joe Rockhead, Scuff, Signs Of Life, Flip Side, dj Mod Todd
December 6, 1989 (benefit for The American Heart Association) A tribute to Roy Orbison Members of Scruffy The Cat, Stompers, Farrenheit, Fat City, Ultra blue, Big Town, Pat Benti & The Shaboom Band
December 6, 1989 WBCN Lunchtime Concert w East Of Eden
December 7, 1989 Inner Circle Third Estate, The Shakers, dj Black Star Liner
December 8, 1989 Jon Butcher Michael’s Messina, Razor’s Edge, dj Metal Mike
December 9, 1989 The Neighborhoods Big Town, The Shivers, The Baldinos, 40 Thieves, dj Mod Todd
December 11, 1989 The Baysicks, Neptune Steele, The Mood, Next Tune, Self Image dj Mod Todd
December 12, 1989 Livewire, Hostage, Sweet Surrender, Plasticx (18+) dj Metal Mike
December 13, 1989 (WFNX night) w condo Pygmies Joe, Pale Nephews, Cartoon Factory, dj Mod Todd
December 14, 1989 (a benefit for Rosie’s Place) The Joneses, Al Halliday The Swinging Steaks, Smack Tan blue, Slim & The Sarcastics, dj Mod Todd
December 15, 1989 The Primitives, Big Dipper, The Deniros dj Jim Mitchell
December 16, 1989 Extreme Pieces, Flesh, dj Metal Mike
December 17, 1989 Iron Rage, Sticks & Stones, Golgotha, Cardinal Sin, Aggressor (18+) dj Metal Mike
December 19, 1989 Temebrism, Close Range, Rising Suns, Attic Boys, Handful Of Dimes dj Mod Todd
December 20, 1989 (WFNX night) w Gigolo Aunts Parade, Vindicators, Love Handle, Mod Todd
December 21, 1989 Tommy Gun, Spoiled Rotten, Defiance, All Or Nothin, Girl On Top, Two Backyards, dj Mod Todd
December 22, 1989 (Food drive benefit) T.H.& The Wreckage The Joneses. Mind Over Matter, Wild Side, Reality
December 23, 1989 Extreme (all ages 1 pm) In the Pink
December 23, 1989 Bim Skala Bim Pajama Slave Dances, Scatterfield, The Regulars (Channel Christmas Party)
December 26, 1989 Handful Of Dimes, Watership Down, the Code, Invoke The Kata, Out Of Bounds, dj Mod Todd
December 27, 1989 (WFNX night) w Classic Ruins As Is, Miels Deathmuffen, The Pivnerts, dj Mod Todd
December 28, 1989 Johnny Winter, Bo Diddley dj Mod Todd
December 29, 1989 Rick Danko, Jorma Kaukonen, Max Creek dj Mod Todd
December 30, 1989 Barrence Whitfield And The Savages Boogaloo swamis, Comic Strip, Napaj, mc Larry “Cha Chi” Loprete
December 31, 1989 Farrenheit Hearts On Fire, Shoot Shoot, The Threats, dj Mod Todd