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1990 Shows at the Channel

January 1, 1990 Private Stock, Lost Angels, Silver Rose, The Missionaries, The Like dj Mod Todd
January 2, 1990 Clinic, Tom Bouche, The Reign, Private Parts dj Mod Todd
January 3, 1990 (WFNX night) w Happy Campers, Delusions Of Grandeur, Chloroform Kate, dj Mod Todd
January 4, 1990 Human Rights from Bad Brains H.R. and Earl Hudson Buffalo Tom, dj Mod Todd
January 5, 1990 Mass The Tears, Trash Broadway, Thrust, Hostage, dj Metal Mike
January 6, 1990 The Bags Titanics, Bulkhead, Jones Very, King Moon Razor
January 7, 1990 Deslok, Sentry, Undertaker, Demise, Poseidon (18+) dj Metal Mike
January 8, 1990 Johnny Cola, Submission, Fantasia, The Stand, St.Cyr dj Mod Todd
January 9, 1990 The Return, Yam Un Jam, Ulterior Motives, Happy The Clown, Standard Procedure, dj Mod Todd
January 10, 1990 (WFNX night) w Savage Garden Bad JuJu, Bob Meloon & The Big Argument, Kairos, dj Mod Todd
January 11, 1990 Chaotic Past, Awake & Dreaming, The Old School, Witch, Girl On Top Lower Wacker Drive, dj Mod Todd
January 12, 1990 Southside Johnny & The Jukes The Breakdown, Release, Loyal 4, dj Jim Mitchell
January 13, 1990 Ministry Kmfdm, dj Mod Todd
January 14, 1990 Ibrahima’s World Beat
January 15, 1990 Take The Pain, Hot Tin Roof, Ant Farm, Barry Arvon Young, Yesterday’s Gravy dj Mod Todd
January 16, 1990 The Peepers, Largeanthropous Man, Bad Shibumi, Culture Shock, Temebrism dj Mod Todd
January 17, 1990 (WFNX night) w Dresden Danse The Visigoths, Dasiy chain, Buzz Saw Frisbees, dj Mod Todd
January 18, 1990 Overkill (18+) Mordrid, Powermad, dj Metal Mike
January 19, 1990 The Fools Tax Collectors, In 2 Deep, Clairvoyance, dj Mod Todd
January 20, 1990 Physical Graffiti (Led Zeppelin cover) The Royal Pimps, dj Jim Mitchell
January 21, 1990 Incision, Shatter’d, Xcaliber, Thorn, Trooper (18+) dj Metal Mike
January 22, 1990 Mosaic, Officer Rukus, The Crosbees, Cliffs Of Doonen dj Todd
January 23, 1990 Flight, The Injurys, Kidd Wicked, Hackmasters, The Hendersons dj Todd
January 24, 1990 (WFNX night) w The Bristols Johnny & The Jumper Cables, Smack Tan Blue, Sarah Laughs, dj Todd
January 25, 1990 The Realm, Low Profile, Blind Rhino, Jet Black Deliah, All Or Nothing Creatures Of Habit, dj Todd
January 26, 1990 The Stompers Nor’Easters, Big Train, Valkyrie, One Horse Oprea, dj Todd
January 27, 1990 Big Daddy Kane Nice & Smooth, Gang Starr, Maxx Terror
January 28, 1990 Valhalla, Atomicaust, T.N., Spectral Incursion, Steele Dawn (18+) dj Metal Mike
January 29, 1990 Spotted Hippos, Brave New World, The World Of Form, Young Hegelians Self Image, dj Todd
January 30, 1990 The Mood, Rising Suns, Menfolk, claude Thomas, Outta Bounds dj Todd
January 31, 1990 (WFNX night) w Mallethead ZugZug, Jones Very, Hullaballo, dj Todd
February 1, 1990 Third Rail, Perfect Strangers, Code Of Ethics, Cairo Stand, The Response Clinic, dj Todd
February 2, 1990 The Rick Beriln Band Overstreet, Powerglide, Ugly Rumors, Ghandi’s Lunchbox
February 3, 1990 The Neighborhoods The Unattached, Apparitons, She Cried, Sin-A-Men Gypsy, dj Todd
February 4, 1990 Greg Howe & Howe II (18+) Close Enough, Tripwire, Tommy Gun, Rain, dj Metal Mike
February 6, 1990 Fade To Black, Ulerior Motive, Tom Bouche, The Reign, Overdrive, dj Todd
February 7, 1990 (WFNX night) w Straw Dogs Seka, hunger Moon, Transit, dj Todd
February 8, 1990 West, Fantasia, Invoke The Kata, Backstroke To Cuba, Kid Simple The Missionaries, dj Todd
February 9, 1990 Meat Puppets Eleventh Dream Day, Savage Garden, Miranda Warning
February 10, 1990 Treat Her Right Ultra Blue, Peasent Kings, Part Time Lovers, mc Tami Heide, dj Todd
February 11, 1990 Throwing Muses (benefit for Cancer research) Bullet Lavolta, Lemonheads, Buffalo Tom, Well Babies, The Driveway, dj Todd
February 13, 1990 Dennis Brown, Freddie McGregor, Lloyd Parks & We The People dj Trisha
February 14, 1990 James Montgomery w Boston’s Heavy Metal Horns (Bikers Ball) Boston Baked Blues, Southbound, Arlo West Blues Band, dj Todd
February 15, 1990 Life On earth, No Man’s Land, Chaos, Phines Poon, The Choice, Azure Bode dj Todd
February 16, 1990 (WFNX night) w The Zulus Big Barn Burning, The Lemmings, Mind Grinder, Life In Between, dj Todd
February 17, 1990 The Machine (Pink Floyd cover) The Lines, Catharsis, 40 Thieves, Clairvoyance, mc Julie D, dj Jim Mitchell
February 18, 1990 T.H. & The Wreckage Jarry Stafford Band, Low Profile, dj Todd
February 20, 1990 Faceless Crowd, Neptune Steele, The Roamers, Private Parts, Close Range dj Todd
February 21, 1990 Fantasia, The Situation, Men Of Clay, Storm, The Cake Eaters, Missionary Position, dj Todd
February 22, 1990 Doug & Dean, Ferrara, Under Fire, Rising Suns, Take The Pain, Two Backyards, dj Todd
February 23, 1990 Farrenheit The Swinging Steaks, Sticks & Stones, 145, Hot Tin Roof, dj Todd
February 24, 1990 The Del Fuegos Brothers Kendall, Gigolo Ants, Dharma Bums, The Piv-Nerts, dj Todd
February 25, 1990 Linton Kwesi Johnson, Sister Breeze, Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band (posponed)
February 27, 1990 Mad Hatter, Mundo Mojo, Rat Ally, Candy Striper Death Orgy, Streetwise (18+) dj Metal Mike
February 28, 1990 TV Dream, Heavy Billy, 3 Merry Widows, soul diver, Out Of Mind, Sean Beaton Project, dj Todd
March 1, 1990 Dr. Dirty John Valby dj Todd
March 2, 1990 Max Creek Tony Richards & The K-Man Band, dj Todd
March 3, 1990 The Blushing Brides (Stones cover) The Shivers, dj Jim Mitchell
March 6, 1990 Lost Angels, Myriah, High Voltage, Wildchild, Legend (18+) dj Metal Mike
March 7, 1990 Nothing Sacred, Uber Allies, Val-Yay, Innosense, Mantis, Mind-Scape dj Todd
March 8, 1990 Yam Un Jam, Judgemental, Entourage, Falcon, Buzzsaw Frisbees, Johnny Cola, dj Todd
March 9, 1990 Tribe Scatterfield, Ex-Girlfriends, Vasco Da Gama, Awake & Deaming, dj Todd
March 10, 1990 The Romantics The Breakdown, Black Water Junction, Low Profile
March 11, 1990 Linton Kwesi Johnson, Sister Breeze, Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
March 13, 1990 Wicked Lester, Quick Fever, Obscene, Valraven, Streetwise, (18+) dj Metal Mike
March 14, 1990 Sister Carol, Shelly Thunder w Soul Jahs dj Black Star Liner
March 15, 1990 WBCN’s 22nd Birthday Party w The Joneses Boo Radley, House Of Joy
March 16, 1990 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages Big town, Release, Naughty Bits, Vindicators, dj Todd
March 17, 1990 Physical Graffiti (Led Zeppelin cover) Flesh, mc Jerry Goodwin
March 20, 1990 DJ Jazzy Jefff & The Fresh Prince Technotronic, dj Todd
March 21, 1990 J.J. Cale w John Hammond
March 22, 1990 (ARF ARF Record Release) w Well Babies, Willie Alexander, Boatmen, Skiadelics, Smack Tan Blue, Siamese Triplets, Gingerbread Men
March 23, 1990 The Radiators Ramcat, dj Todd
March 24, 1990 Black Uhuru Shy 5, dj Black Star Liner
March 27, 1990 Dirty Looks, w Livewire, Ivy Stone, Mayschild, Boa (18+) dj Metal Mike
March 28, 1990 Exp, Mr. Flood’s Party, Citizen Atom, Pop Roulette, Tenebrism, Fade To Black dj Todd
March 29, 1990 Savage Cabbage, Mosaic, Brave New World, Scuff
March 30, 1990 (WFNX night) w Bullet Lavolta Prong, Hallow Hayday, Jones Very, Still Life, mc Juanita The Scene Queen
March 31, 1990 The Fools Parade, Morgan Stu, In 2 Deep, Kid Simple, dj Todd
April 1, 1990 Junkyard w The Black Crowes, Hammersmith dj Metal Mike
April 3, 1990 Sweet Cheater, Trash Broadway, Crystal Talon, Krazler, Points North (18+) dj Metal Mike
April 4, 1990 Chaos, Thin Blue Line, Big Rain, Happy The Clown, Any Angel, Ulterior Motive dj Todd
April 5, 1990 The Neighborhoods The Titanics, Dogzilla, One Horse Opera, dj Todd
April 6, 1990 John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band Messina, El Caminos, Wise Guys, mc Lisa Garvey, dj Todd
April 7, 1990 Pieces The Tears, Sticks & Stones, Zalla, 40 Thieves, dj Metal Mike
April 10, 1990 Roxxi, Love Pollution, Tommy Gun, Bacchus, Strip (18+) dj Metal Mike
April 11, 1990 Trixon Q, Whyos, Educated Guess, Rising Suns, The Scene, De’Cor dj Todd
April 12, 1990 The Big F, Zug Zug, The Baldinos (18+)
April 13, 1990 The Machine (Pink Floyd cover) Ugly Rumors, The Feds, What, The Evidence
April 14, 1990 The Outlaws w Toy Caldwell St. John, mc Julie D., dj Jim Mitchell
April 17, 1990 Crystal Myth, Democracide, Subjugator, Krash Palace, Dirt Cheap (18+) dj Metal Mike
April 18, 1990 WBCN Lunchtime Concert w T.H.& The Wreckage (11.30 am)
April 18, 1990 Self Image, Jet Black Delilah, Cliffs Of Doonen, World Gone Crazy, Tait & The Authentics, Motherfolkers, dj Todd
April 19, 1990 Alpha Blondy & The Solar System dj Black Star Liner
April 20, 1990 Treat Her Right w Laurie Sargent Bad Art Ensamble, Dharma Bums, Daisy Chain
April 21, 1990 The Stompers Gigolo Aunts, Garr Lange & The Big Rig, Sin-A-Men Gypsy, Clockworks, dj Jim Mitchell
April 24, 1990 Vinnie Moore (18+) Hard Licks, Xplicit, Weapon, Crystal, dj Metal Mike
April 25, 1990 Dark Angel (18+) Excel, Demize, Samblack Church
April 26, 1990 Dr. Dirty John Valby dj Todd
April 27, 1990 Del Fuegos The Bristols, Heavy Metal Horns, Floating Boats, dj Todd
April 28, 1990 Think Tree Hell Toupee, Common Ailments Of Maturity, Savage Garden, Dreams Made Flesh, dj Todd
May 1, 1990 (Second annual) B.A.L.E. Best Guitarist Competition Finals
May 2, 1990 Mundo Mojo, Date With Jan, Take The Pain, claude raines, Big Bones (18+) Unkown Soldiers, dj Todd
May 3, 1990 40 Thieves, The Threats, Myriah, Arcturus, Tripwire (18+) dj Todd
May 4, 1990 The Cramps Flat Duo Jets, dj Todd
May 5, 1990 The Cramps Flat Duo Jets, dj Todd
May 6, 1990 (Cringe Productions presents) Gothic Slam, Temporary Insanity (18+) Toxic Narcotic, Warhead, Atomicaust, dj Todd
May 8, 1990 Before Christ, Cardinal Sin, Erotika, Fracture, Syzgy (18+) dj Metal Mike
May 9, 1990 Chapter XI, Paparazzi, Factor 4, Wall Of Reality, Purple Planet (18+) Sometimes Jones, dj Todd
May 10, 1990 Beto Guedes (from Brazil) (18+)
May 11, 1990 The Georgia Satellites The Raindogs, Breakdown Nor’Easters, dj Todd
May 12, 1990 Tribe The Titanics, Whoville, Piv-Nerts, King Moon Razordj Todd
May 13, 1990 Social Distortion (all ages 4 pm) Gang Green, Seka, Strawdogs
May 15, 1990 Aggressor, Lethal Fury, Terrasphere, Big Circus, Bob Evans (18+) dj Metal Mike
May 16, 1990 (The Channel’s 10th Anniversary) with Reunion of Human Sexual Responce Young Nation, Chucklehead & The Bozo Patrol, dj Todd
May 17, 1990 Zalla, Jufge Mental, Jamie Schaler On Vacation, Men Of Clay, Claude Thomas dj Todd
May 18, 1990 Farrenheit Ultra Blue, Al Halliday, Safety In Numbers, Falcon, dj Todd
May 19, 1990 Young Neal & The Vipers Boston Baked Blues, Heavy Metal Horns, Tony C. & The Lionhouse Blues Band, dj Jim Mitchell
May 20, 1990 (benefit for project rebound) The Fools (all ages 1 pm) Backstroke To Cuba, dj Jim Mitchell
May 22, 1990 Blackmail, Hostage, Spectral Incursion, Posiedon, High Voltage, (18+) dj Metal Mike
May 23, 1990 E, Exp, Native Green, All Rights Reserved, Imagine (18+)
May 24, 1990 Expose’ (18+) Gangst, RR Posse, Homework
May 25, 1990 Savatage (18+) Sweet Cheater, Hard Licks, dj Metal Mike
May 26, 1990 The Neighborhoods Band 19, Jesus De Milo w Reeves Gabrel of Tin Machine, Baldino’s, Miles Dethmuffen, dj Jim Mitchell
May 27, 1990 Meliah Rage (18+) Maelstorm, Auditory Imagery, Candy Striper Death Orgy, dj Metal Mike
May 29, 1990 Race, Streetwise, Cygnuss, Trooper, Xcaliber (18+) dj Metal Mike
May 30, 1990 WBCN Lunchtime Concert w House Of Joy (21+ 11.30 am)
May 30, 1990 So What, Simpson’s Penguins, Close Range, The Scene, The Reign, Modern Man, dj Mod Todd
May 31, 1990 (WILD presents) Skyy The Superiors
June 1, 1990 Molly Hatchet w Pat Travers Black Water Junction, Lady Luck, dj Todd
June 2, 1990 Physical Graffiti (Led Zeppelin cover) Catharsis, dj Jim Mitchell
June 5, 1990 Love Pollution, Boa, Any Angel, Uncle Betty, Autum Lake, (18+) dj Metal Mike
June 6, 1990 Jon Finn Group, The eloys, Sam Hill, Robbin Banx, Tenebrism, The Like (18+) dj Todd
June 7, 1990 Rebel Souls, Strait Jackit, Jet Black Delilah, De’Cor, Wicked Lester (18+) dj Todd
June 8, 1990 T.H. & The Wreckage Mike Viola & Snap, Close Enough, The Old School, Buzzsaw Frisbees, dj Todd
June 9, 1990 TSOL Trouble, The Big F, Zug Zug, dj Metal Mike
June 12, 1990 Spread Eagle, Vain, Sticks & Stones, Bittersweet, Under Fire (18+) dj Metal Mike
June 14, 1990 Kid Crash (18+) Mallethead, Zalla, The Pact, Tommy Gun, dj Metal Mike
June 15, 1990 Crystal Ship (Doors cover) The Cult Brothers, Morgan Stu, The Evidence, Kid Simple, dj Todd
June 16, 1990 The Rick Berlin Band Scatterfield, Release, Artisan, Cliffs Of Doonen, dj Jim Mitchell
June 19, 1990 Exposed, Blackout, Bad Dreams, Warhead, Little Accident dj Metal Mike
June 20, 1990 The Wailers w Frankie Paul, Mighty Charge dj Black Star Liner
June 21, 1990 Psychic TV, Celebrity Skin, Still Life (18+) dj Todd
June 22, 1990 The Machine (Pink Floyd cover) Tax Collectors, Nine One One, Something Jones, Defiance, dj Todd
June 23, 1990 John Kay & Steppenwolf Nor’Easters, After The Fact, dj Jim Mitchell
June 26, 1990 Tesla (18+) Beggars & Thieves, dj Metal Mike
June 27, 1990 The Car-Tunes, Little Alex, Fez Henry, Sin City (18+)
June 28, 1990 Jerry Portnoy, 11th Hour Band, Rick Russell dj Todd
June 29, 1990 The Immortals The Apparitions, The Vindicators, The Kairos, dj Todd
June 30, 1990 The Radiators Ramcat, dj Jim Mitchell
July 3, 1990 K For Savannah, Georgia, Fracture, Bolz, E-Z-Access, Circular File (18+) dj Metal Mike
July 4, 1990 E, I4NI, Sly Boyz, Close Range, The Peepers (18+)
July 5, 1990 Bop Harvey w Wildest Dreams, Happy Campers, Entourage, Men Of Clay dj Todd
July 6, 1990 The Fools Parade, What, Clockwork, Judge Mental, dj Todd
July 7, 1990 Foghat Messina, Valkyrie, 40 Thieves, N’s & V’s, dj Jim Mitchell
July 8, 1990 (Boston welcomes the U.S.S. J.F.K. Aircraft Carrier) w Conspiracy
July 9, 1990 (Thrash Bash) My 3 Scum, Mr. Softy, Subjugator, Night Vain (18+) dj Metal Mike
July 10, 1990 Legend, Lost Angels, Strip, Raw Deal, Samsara (Dangerous Dame Contest18+)
July 11, 1990 Witness, Friday’s Child, Native Green, Bad Shibumi, The Twigs, The Still (18+) dj Todd
July 12, 1990 Bim Skala Bim (18+) The Bosstones, Ska-D For Life, Human Nature
July 13, 1990 Concrete Blonde w Steve Wynn, The Sidewinders dj Todd
July 14, 1990 Pieces (18+) Sweet Cheater, Sticks & Stones, The Pact, Egypt, dj Metal Mike
July 15, 1990 Company Of Wolves (18+) Close Enough, Chatarsis,
July 16, 1990 (Thrash Bash) Only Living Witness, Bad Khrma, Deslok, Scarcin (18+) dj Metal Mike
July 17, 1990 Mace, Blue Tiger, Bone To Bone, Yam Un Jam, Side Show (Dangerous Dame Contest18+) dj Metal Mike
July 18, 1990 The Rattlers, Positive I.D., Aurora, Ant Farm, The Oilmen, Faceless Crowd(18+) dj Todd
July 19, 1990 John Mayall & The Blues Breakers Eddie Kirkland & The Energy Band, Boston Baked Blues, Arlo West Blues Band, dj Todd
July 20, 1990 Modern English The Jack Rubies, Boo Radley, The Regulars, dj Todd
July 21, 1990 Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer , dj Metal Mike
July 22, 1990 2 Live Crew Seka, Poison Clan, Tds Mob
July 23, 1990 (Thrash Bash) Damager, Wretched Grace, Heavy Billy, Bacchus (18+) dj Metal Mike
July 24, 1990 (From Iron Maiden) Bruce Dickinson w Kings Of The Sun (18+)
July 25, 1990 Th eLike, The Pigs, Hepcat, Soothing Sounds Of Baby, Huck 2, Iron Kilbsa Band, dj Todd
July 26, 1990 Pato Banton w Peter Spence One People, The Hi-Hats, dj Black Star Liner
July 27, 1990 Farrenheit Big Town, Safety In Numbers, Clairvoyance, The Zone, dj Todd
July 28, 1990 Big Dipper Yola La Tengo, Th ePiv-Nerts, Chloroform Kate, dj Metal Mike
July 29, 1990 Wargasm (all ages 1 pm) Biohazard, Temporary Insanity, Crystal Myth, dj Metal Mike
July 30, 1990 (Thrash bash) Democracide, Bob Evens, Aggressor, Delusion (18+) dj Metal Mike
July 31, 1990 Rat Alley, Mantis, Clinic, High Voltage, S.G.Rose, (jam w Flesh) (18+) dj Metal Mike
August 1, 1990 Burning Spear w The Police Women Of Guinea Les Amazones dj Black Star Liner
August 2, 1990 East Of Eaden (18+) Adventure Set, vow Of Silence, 3AM, The Scene, dj Todd
August 3, 1990 The Machine (Pink Floyd cover) Beat Surrender, The Threats, Kairos, Velcro Peasants, dj Todd
August 4, 1990 Johnny Winter West End Blues Band, Black River Snakes
August 4, 1990 Kwame, Tribe Called Quest, Spice (all ages 1 pm)
August 6, 1990 (Thrash Bash) Toxic Narcotic, Bzera, Shatter’d Dreams, D’Yen.Vie (18+) dj Metal Mike
August 7, 1990 East Wall, Taurus, Krash Palace, Syzygy (Jam w Trash Broadway) (18+) (Dangerous Dame Contest18+) dj Metal Mike
August 8, 1990 Ice T Donald D., Gangstarr Posse
August 9, 1990 The Titanics, The Bardots, The Baldinos, King Moon Razor, The Relatives dj Todd
August 10, 1990 Meat Loaf Morgan Stu, Men Of Clay, dj Todd
August 11, 1990 The Zulus The Well Babies, Johnny And The Jumper Cables, Dreams Made Flesh, dj jim Mitchell
August 13, 1990 (Thrash Bash) Carnal Carival, Disrupt, Experiments In Fear, Blackmail (18+) dj Metal Mike
August 14, 1990 Warhead, Crystal Talon, She So Loud, Augustine (18+) dj Metal Mike
August 15, 1990 World Of form, Chapter XI, Phaedrus, Manical Choir, Any Angel, (18+) Self Image,dj Todd
August 16, 1990 Cameo Basic Black, Jamiel Alexis, dj todd
August 17, 1990 The Joneses The Immortals, The Varmints, The Old School, The Reprive
August 18, 1990 Black Uhuru w Yellowman, Sophia George dj Black Star Liner
August 19, 1990 Death Angel (all ages 1 pm) Forbidden, Cardinal Sin, Atomicaust, dj Metal Mike
August 20, 1990 (Thrash Bash) Terrasphere, Auditory Imagery, Decrepid Mind (18+) dj Metal Mike
August 21, 1990 Messina, Crystal Talon, D.T. Boyze, Streetwise, Bad Dreams (Dangerous Dame Contest18+) dj Metal Mike
August 22, 1990 Lucky Dube w Moss International & Friends from Grenada dj Black Star Liner
August 23, 1990 Meliah Rage (18+) Seka, Bad Kharma, Damager, dj Todd
August 24, 1990 The Neighborhoods ZugZug, Savage Garden, Witch Doctor, Tommy Gun, dj Todd
August 25, 1990 (benefit for Mickey O’Halloran) w Stompers, Charlie Farren & Friends Childhood, Blind Rhino, T.H. & The Wreckage, Entourage, Release, The Zone, The Strike, Heart Of Stone
August 27, 1990 (Thrash Bash) Fracture, Special Incursion, Sylence, Cannie Bastards (18+) dj Metal Mike
August 28, 1990 (No Bozos Jam) w members of Mass, Kid Crash, Sweet Cheater (18+) Trash Broadway, Fortune, Bob’s Mob, Witch Bonnie and more, (Dangourus Dames Contest)
August 29, 1990 The Kind, Drums & Wires, Trasition, No Mans Land, Badger, Ufea (18+) dj Todd
August 30, 1990 Slaughter Shack, Hullabaloo, Candy Striper Death Orgy Temporary Insanity, Imetapsyche, (18+), dj Todd
August 31, 1990 Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne cover) Catharsis, 40 Theives, Spoiled Rotten, Outta Bounds, dj Jim Mitchell
September 1, 1990 (All Star Jam) with Members of Dokken, Skid Row, Badlands, Kind Diamond The Busboys, Enuff Z’Nuff, dj metal Mike
September 2, 1990 Death (all ages 1 pm) Carcuss, Dread dj Metal Mike
September 2, 1990 Mallethead (18+ 8 pm) Hardlicks, Livewire, Egypt, Blue Tiger, dj Metal Mike
September 3, 1990 (Thrash Bash) Sirath, Scarecin, Hellbent, Bacchus (18+) dj Metal Mike
September 4, 1990 Sweet Cheater, Tin Pan Alley, Rocko & The Iron Angel, Kid Logik, Taria (18+) dj Metal Mike
September 5, 1990 Johnny Groove, 17 Relics, The Eloys, Trazom, Witch (18+) dj Todd
September 6, 1990 Kid Crash (18+) Sticks & Stones, Rat Alley, Mace, Cygnuss, dj Metal Mike
September 7, 1990 East Of Eaden (WFNX night) Gigolo Aunts, Talking To Animals, The Westmorelands, Atomic Café, mc Juanita, dj Jim
September 8, 1990 Bop Harvey Third Estate, The Second Step, Razor’s Edge, Diff’rent, Drum, dj Black Star Liner
September 9, 1990 Suicidal Tendencies Exodus, Pantera, dj Todd
September 10, 1990 Ice Cube (18+) TDS Mob, Money One, RSO Crew, dj Metal Mike
September 11, 1990 Sly Boys, Blackout, Bone To Bone, Bad Bones, Heart Attack dj Metal Mike
September 12, 1990 Slayer (18+) Meliah Rage, dj Todd
September 13, 1990 The Rick Berlin Band Floating Boats, Slim & The Sarcastics, Delayed Reaction, Fez Henry, dj Todd
September 14, 1990 Mass Shy Boy, Zalla, The Pact, Under Fire, dj Todd
September 15, 1990 Physical Graffiti (Led Zeppelin cover) The Swinging Steaks, dj Jim
September 17, 1990 (Thrash Bash) Mr. Softee, Wretched Grace, Deslok, Vigilance (18+) dj Kenny
September 18, 1990 Savatage (18+) Trouble, Hammersmith, dj Todd
September 19, 1990 The Answer, Listen Up, Aurora, EXP, All Or Nothing dj Todd
September 20, 1990 T.H. & The Wreckage Subterraneans, Entourage, Two Back Yards, The Still, dj Todd (18+)
September 21, 1990 The Fools (record release) Big Train, Trace Of Red, The Many, dj Todd
September 22, 1990 Blue Oyster Cult Johnny Barnes Under Cover, The Shivers, N’s & V’s, Arturus, dj Jim
September 24, 1990 Pantera (18+) Bzerka, Subjugator, Delusion, Backbone, dj Kenny
September 25, 1990 Sticks & Stones, Xplicit, Strange Appetite, Flash Addict (18+) dj Todd
September 26, 1990 Nevada Beach, Cherry Wolf, The Oilmen, Exibit A, Bates Motel dj Todd
September 27, 1990 (benefit), Merl Saunders & The Rainforest Band Miles Ahead, dj Todd
September 28, 1990 Circle Jerks The Weirdos, Hollow Heyday, dj Todd
September 29, 1990 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages The Batmastersons, Big barn Burning, The Evidence, Cliffs Of Doonen, dj Jim
September 30, 1990 Slapshot (all ages 3 pm) The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Maelstrom, Sam Black Church, dj Todd
October 1, 1990 (Thrash Bash) Dead Horse, Disrupt, Phegm, Bonehead, Skeletal Onslaught 18+ dj Kenny
October 2, 1990 Scatterbrain, Steve Stone, Tommy Gun, Syzygy, Bad Dreams dj Metal Mike
October 3, 1990 Drums & Wires, Lakota Ghost, Distent Thunder, Ride Em High Jones Port Transit, dj Todd
October 4, 1990 Queen Ida & The Bon Temps Zydeco The Boogaloo Swamis, dj Black Star Liner
October 5, 1990 The Raindogs The Bristols, House Of Joy, Buzzsaw Frisbees
October 6, 1990 Bad Manners Chucklehead, Tribualtions, The Hi-Hats, dj Black Star Liner
October 7, 1990 Spread Eagle, Kid Crash, Hardlicks, Strait Jackit, HardLicks, (18+)
October 8, 1990 Flotsam & Jetsam, Vio-Lence, Defiance, Democracide dj Metal Mike
October 9, 1990 Boogie Down Productions (18+)
October 10, 1990 KIX Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom, Love Pollution, dj Todd
October 12, 1990 Albert Collins & The Icebreakers Earl King, Ronnie Earl, Suger Ray & The Broadcasters, dj Todd
October 13, 1990 The Blushing Brides (Stones cover) Double Vision, dj Jim
October 14, 1990 Youssou N’Door w Ibrahima’s World Beat (18+) dj Black Star Liner
October 15, 1990 (Thrash Bash) Dread, Toxic Narcotic, Minimal Braun, Dysfunction, Aggressor, Hearing Impaired, dj Metal Mike (18+)
October 16, 1990 Eric B. & Rakim (18+) dj Todd
October 17, 1990 The Red House, Witch Doctor, The Reprieve, The Scene, (18+) dj Todd
October 18, 1990 Bim Skala Bim (18+) The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Heavy Metal Horns, The Criptones, Yo-Yo Bookshelf Boys, dj Todd
October 19, 1990 Max Creek Strong Waters, dj Todd (2 sets18+)
October 20, 1990 The Radiators Ram Cat, dj Jim
October 21, 1990 Junkyard, Little Caesar, Sweet Cheater (all ages) dj Todd
October 22, 1990 Junkyard, Little Caesar, Sweet Cheater (18+) dj Metal Mike
October 25, 1990 Doro (18+) Trouble Tribe, Boa, She’s So Loud, dj Metal Mike
October 26, 1990 Sweet (WZLX night) Release, Naughty Bits, Secret Smile, dj Todd
October 27, 1990 Farrenheit (WCOY Halloween Party) Messina, Safety In Numbers, Kid Simple, dj Jim
October 27, 1990 Naked Raygun and Henry Rollins Band (all ages 1 pm) Moving Targets, dj Todd
October 30, 1990 Andrew Tosh & The Tosh Band Kingfish, Razor’s Edge, dj Black Star Liner
November 1, 1990 Childhood, Garr Lange & The Big Rig, Cool McCool, Here We Are, Fun Haus (18+) dj Todd
November 2, 1990 (2nd All Star Jam) dj Jim
November 3, 1990 The Zulus Beat Surrender, Toe Cutter, Dreams, Made Flesh, Bug Juice, dj Kenny
November 4, 1990 (Zildjian Day In Boston) (all ages 12.30 pm) Drum Clinic dj Todd
November 5, 1990 GBH, Aversion, Zug Zug, Sam Black Church (18+) dj Metal Mike
November 7, 1990 Social Distortion (18+) The Screaming Trees, Well Babys, dj Todd
November 8, 1990 Bootsy Collins w Rubberband dj Todd
November 9, 1990 Tribe Figures On A Beach, Savage Garden, Killjoy, The Westmorelands, dj Todd
November 10, 1990 John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band The Breakdown, Jamie Rubin, Men Of Clay, dj Jim
November 11, 1990 Slapshot (all ages noon) Wargasm, Wrecking Crew, Meliah Rage, dj Todd
November 13, 1990 Pantera (18+) Prong, Mind Over 4, dj Metal Mike
November 14, 1990 Mojo Nixon, Dead Milkmen, Cavedogs (18+) dj Todd
November 15, 1990 Shinehead (18+) Third Estate, Great Train Robbery, dj Todd
November 16, 1990 Think Tree Cxema, Common Ailments Of Maturity, Workforce, Instent Folk Death, dj Todd
November 17, 1990 The Stompers Swinging Steaks, Big Town, The Shiver’s, N’s & V’s, dj Jim
November 19, 1990 The Drive (benefit) dj Metal Mike
November 21, 1990 The Fools (benefit for the Homeless 18+) Parade, Naughty Bits, The Hackmasters, dj Todd, (Rock & Sports Auction)
November 23, 1990 The Tears Diver Down, Catharsis, High Voltage, Outtabounds, dj Todd
November 24, 1990 The Neighborhoods Joe, Voodoo Dolls, Smack Tan Blue, Mondo Mojo, dj Ken
November 27, 1990 Third World (18+) dj Black Star Liner
November 28, 1990 Hawkwind Architectural Metaphor, dj Todd
November 29, 1990 Johnny Van Zant Michelle Malone & Drag The River, The Nor’Easters, dj Todd
November 30, 1990 Physical Graffiti (Led Zeppelin cover) Hammersmith, dj Todd
December 1, 1990 The Black Crowes The Four Horsemen, Burning Tree, dj Ken
December 2, 1990 Maxi Priest (18+) Moja Nya, dj Black Star Liner
December 5, 1990 Pat Benti & The Shaboom Band (Roy Orbison cover) dj Todd
December 6, 1990 The Guess Whoo Johnny Barnes Under Cover, Close Enough, Sin-A-Men Gypsy, dj Jim
December 7, 1990 The Band w Bella Fleck & The Flecktones The Breeze, dj Todd
December 8, 1990 The Mighty Diamonds Human Rights (HR), Danny Tucker, dj Black Star Liner
December 9, 1990 Lizzie Borden Livewire, Syzygy, Lady Luck
December 12, 1990 Hot Tuna w Pousette-Dart Band
December 13, 1990 Special Beat w Toasters Floating Boats
December 14, 1990 Molly Hatchet’s Danny joe Brown & Bobby Ingam
December 15, 1990 Bop Harvey, Unity 2 The Shakers, Clockwork, Seven League Boots
December 16, 1990 Witch Bonnie (all ages noon) (Benefit for Children’s Hospital) Big Cirkkus, Blackout, Jumpa, Tin Pan Alley
December 17, 1990 Meliah Rage (18+) Temporary Insanity, Subjugator, Bzerka, dj Todd
December 21, 1990 Max Creek Razor’s Edge
December 22, 1990 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages, (Christmas Party) Parade, Awake & Dreaming, Cool McCool, Facts About Ratz
December 23, 1990 Leeway (all ages 2 pm) (Cringe Productions) Gotilla Biscuit, Super Touch, Maelstrom, Kingpin
December 26, 1990 The Wailers Shy five, Wildest Dreams, dj Black Star Liner
December 28, 1990 The Heretix Childhood, Flea Circus, Kid Simple, Killjoy
December 29, 1990 Buddy Guy w Little Ed & The Blues Imperials, Sue Foli
December 30, 1990 GWAR (all ages 1 pm) Liunachicks, Kalkan, Hordes Of Mungo
December 31, 1990 The Neighborhoods The Titanics, The Bristols